Adobe Acrobat 9.0 Professional – Review

Adobe Acrobat 9.0 is the latest version (I was looking at the Professional variant – Standard is also available), and once you fire it up it is clear that Adobe has embraced the challenge of adding value with relish. A clean interface provides a series of drop-down buttons for the Acrobat workflow – starting with creation of new documents, and ending with commenting of existing PDFs.

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SE102MPA Sound Isolating Mobile Headset – Review

The iPod/iPhone earbud market is one of the hottest consumer spaces there is, and Shure has several products for it. The Weeks Division of MyMac Labs had the opportunity to evaluate the Shure SE102MPA Sound Isolating Mobile Headset.

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photokina 08 report

It’s easy to get lost in the maze at the halls of the world’s biggest imaging trade show. Thankfully, Frank Limbacher gives us a photo tour of the event this year!

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iPod Nano (4th generation) – Review

In pictures the new Nano looks much larger than the one it replaces. In real life it simply is much longer and skinnier. Imagine the 3rd Gen. put on a stretch rack and turned sideways. In more ways it resembles the 1st and 2nd generation Nanos than it does its predecessor. Let’s talk about what Apple did to make this Nano better.

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MyMac Podcast 202

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Sam Levin helps us kick off the show with a Cool Mac Picks, then Tim, David, and Guy talk about Spore, Adobe CS4, eBay, uBid, AOL, and much more. Plus a hearty congratulations go out to David at the end of the show.

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MacSales pick of the week: PIXMA iP1800

Links from the show:
Adobe CS4
Axiom Audiobyte Speakers & EPZero Subwoofer
Axio-USA Fuse Backpack
Beer Bounce
Flick Bowling

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MacAlly Air2Net USB Ethernet adapter – Review

Now, MacAlly offers an alternative to Apple’s dongle, the MacAlly Air2Net USB Ethernet adapter. As expected, the Air2Net’s a dongle that let you connect an RJ-45 Ethernet jack into a USB port, and runs at Ethernet 10/100 speeds
I flogged the Air2Net hooked up to our MacBook AIr for an entire weekend at the Weeks Division of MyMac Labs. How did it do?

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MyMac Book Bytes interview with JOHN TOLLETTT

Cool Mac Apps is the best book for understanding how to use the creativity and productivity software that Apple includes on all Macs: iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, iTunes, Mail, Address Book, iChat, Bonjour, Safari, iCal, Dashboard, Photo Booth, and Time Machine. In one substantial, affordable volume, readers learn what’s what, so they can fully use as many of these fine applications as they want or need to. We also interview John Tollett about the book.

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MyMac Podcast 201 – Podcaster App Interview

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With all the controversy surrounding Apple rejecting the Podcaster App from iTunes, we thought it would be a perfect time to have a chat with the App developer, Alex Sokirynsky. Featured roundtable participants include returning hosts Tim Robertson and David Cohen, plus Owen Rubin and Neale Monks. Later in the show, Sam Levin joins in with a Cool Mac Picks, and the roundtable looks back on the weekly happenings in the Mac world, SCSI, and more. is our featured sponsor. Check them out here!

Links from the show
Cool Mac Picks
iHome iH41BR Rotating Alarm Clock
STM Bags large rogue roller 17"
SmileOnMyMac PDF Pen Pro 4.0

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Paris Mac Expo – Unwired

What does a parrot have to do with Apple, Macs and the iPod or iPhone? The colors of the original Apple logotype? Well, I’d say it’s more likely the manufacturer’s claim of enabling you to "Move Wireless" – they heavily bet on Bluetooth and WiFi, and NFC (Near Field Communication) and more connectivity options are closer than on the horizon.

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Paris Mac Expo – What’s this Noise?

Mr. Paris returns with more photos and stuff to chat about from the expo! Like on most of the Apple- and Mac-related shows in recent years, audio and video take up a growing proportion of the show floor: professional production hardware and software, service providers and accessories demonstrate that Apple has conquered the desktop A/V market just like it practically invented the DTP industry since 1984

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Paris Mac Expo – ACRUSH and Nike+

What does ACRUSH and Nike+ have in common? Being featured by Mr. Paris here on at the Paris Mac Expo, of course! Check out the article and pictures from the show today!

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