Paris Mac Expo – ACRUSH and Nike+

CEO Scipio Schneider showed me his broken original iPhone with the shattered glass surface: definitely not something you’d want to see yourself, and the reason for ACRUSH’s new iPhone 3G shock protector (debuting in Paris) to come to life: as Scipio puts it, most hazardous are drops on the floor, where the iPhone hit the ground laterally, and this side impact
then breaks the glass front.

With the first samples of ACRUSH looking as nicely as they do, they also feel very smooth and preserve much of the elegant touch of the iPhone 3G: the silicone bumper nicely protects the devices edges, without covering the smooth back, but still providing an increased protection on the front, with a small elevated rim framing the iPhone’s display.

ACRUSHs come in various colors, most are translucent, one even glows in the dark. At the show, they sell at a special discount price of 10 Euros, the final production will be available for 14 or 15 Euros, US pricing pending.


At the Apple Expo in Paris, Nike+ are everywhere, starting on the outside with highly visible red cars and trucks:

Their booth in Hall 5 itself is ample, and the staff eagerly presented Nike’s newest additions to the Nike+ line of sports shoes.

Pilla and Alexandre showed me their new “ZOOM VICTORY+” series, actually a direct derivative of the racing shoe at the Peking Olympics this summer. Nike’s new “FLYWIRE” technology allows for a much more lightweight construction of the shoes’ upper by using heavy-duty nylon threads to distribute and direct the force from the foot to the ground. Also readily available, and too FLYWIRE-equipped, are the LUNAR RACER and LUNAR TRAINER.

Much like a spider’s web, instead of the heavier and thicker plastic applications we’ve grown used to over time, FLYWIRE directly applies to the mesh-like surface, resulting in more lightweight and slimmer shaped shoes. I must say, those shoes look a little like sneakers, although Nike positions them right within their running, racing and training series.
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