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MyMac has been publishing for over 25 years, originally as a digital download on AOL, eWorld, CompuServe, and other online services of the day. We migrated to a web-only presence in 2000, and have enjoyed great success over the years. We introduced one of the very first Podcasts in the world in 2004, which continues to this day. In 2011, our parent company, MyMac Productions, created the MyMac Podcasting Network, a network for a variety of different podcasts operating under a common banner.

If you are interested in a product review, there are a few guidelines our writers follow, including:

Rating system using a 1 to 10 ranking, with 10 being the highest.

Freedom from editorial control. The writers express their own opinion of a product or service, regardless of any affiliations or advertising the site or the podcast may be engaged in. The only editing done is to clarify or correct spelling or grammar.

No payment for reviews. Under no circumstance is a writer at MyMac, or our affiliated podcasts, allowed to review products for money.

Return Shipping of physical goods. Our policy is to return all physical goods when the reviewer is provided return shipping documents. If you want the item returned, include any and all materials. Reviews will not pay for return shipping under any circumstances.

Only corrections to inaccurate information will be changed in reviews, as determined by one of our editors and the reviewer.

We don’t review beta or demo software. If you want us to review your software, please provide the full shipping version.

Vendors or companies wishing to use our reviews, including quotes and logo use, are directed to contact We charge a nominal fee of $75 for logo and review usage for marketing purposes. Translation to other languages is possible for the same fee.

Because our reviewers are not in one centralized location, please verify shipping information before sending any hardware. Our reviewers are located worldwide, although most are in the United States. All reviews are posted in English.

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