For Podcasters

So you have been going it alone all this time, and have had little success in garnering advertising for your podcast? We hear you. We’ve been there. The purpose of the MyMac Podcast Network is simple and two-fold: to promote other podcasts on the network, and to garner advertising for shows on the network.

How does this change your show? Very, very little. You play at least two ads: one from the network itself, and one paid advertising. The nice thing? You make the choice of which ads to play. You also play the “MyMac Podcast Network Bumper” at either the start or end of your show.

That’s all.

No, really. That’s it. That’s all there is to it. We promote each other, and share in any advertising revenue.

Ah, the money part! Revenue!

So your question is: how much can you make? Honestly, we don’t know. Could be a little, could be a lot. It depends.

We are actively seeking advertisers for the network. However, we are only seeking advertisers who actually PAY to advertise. None of those “Go to such-and-such website and enter our show code” crap. Those types of podcast advertising are crap, and it allows companies to advertise for free. Yeah, for free! They ONLY pay Podcasts on how many of their listeners are converted into customers.

NO other media advertising does this. None. And we think its disrespectful to the audience and the hard working Podcasters.

Why do we think this is crap? Easy: it’s the same advertisers on all the different podcasts. So if your listener also listens to another show, and heard the ad there first and signed up, guess who ain’t getting paid? You. And what happens a month after you stop running that companies ads and your listeners decide to sign up? Guess who ain’t getting paid? You again.

It’s pretty simple: if a company wants to promote their business or product on one of the shows in our network, they have to PAY YOU to do it. Cash On Delivery, baby. Just like radio, television, newspapers, billboards, and magazines.

The Podcasts who run those ads WILL BE PAID to do so. No B.S. No secret codes to remember. You play the ad, you get the cash. Pretty simple, yes?

So, interested? Fill out the form below and we will contact you.