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MyMac.com is a website dedicated to the creative writer in all of us, while providing both an entertaining and informative journey into our collective writings. Be it a software review of the latest Macintosh or Windows program, or a dissertation on the political environment in Russia, we always try to provide the information in a easily read, fun environment. We are, of course, always looking for new writers and story ideas, as well as products you would like to see reviewed.

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MyMac.com started life in 1995, and joined the World Wide Web in early 1996, being one of the early pioneers of electronic journalism on the web. (We predate every other major internet magazine, save a VERY few) We have had a bevy of very talented writers come and go over the years, but have always stayed consistent in our goal of producing an entertaining and informative read. In October of 2000, My Mac Magazine (The downloadable Macintosh specific version) was folded into our World Wide Web page, and a new direction was cast. Today, while still providing Mac, iPhone, and iPad specific ideas and information, we now enjoy the creative freedom to write about any topic under the sun on our often updated website.

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