TechFan #172 – Out of the Closet

On August 1, 2014, in TechFan, by Tim Robertson

Tim Robertson and David Cohen are back with a fun episode after David nukes the show notes. Is iCloud and Pages really ready for online collaboration? A new contest this week, as we are giving away a copy of FotoMagico from Boinx Software! Changes to OWC Radio and Tim’s new job, Chinese takeout, contest winner feedback, Raspberry Pi, EA, Xfinity TV Go, Expendables 3, and much more!

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Enter the FotoMagico Contest Here
Boinx Software
OWC Radio

STM Drifter Medium Laptop Backpack
Company: STM
Price: $139.95 MSRP


It seems that the backpack is now becoming the favorite means of carrying one’s laptop and other electronic devices around, be it to work or while traveling. Once you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Besides carrying your laptop, you still have enough room to carry any documents that you may need, power supply and cables, water bottle, and dependent upon your state of physical fitness, running shoes and gear.

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MyMac Podcast 515: Apple’s Fading Secrecy

On July 29, 2014, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast

Gaz is off doing fun family things and Guy managed to grab Karl Madden on to talk about Apple’s policy of secrecy surrounding their upcoming products. They also talk about Apple’s last financial quarter but more importantly, who were the winners of the Feral Interactive Lego Marvel Super Heroes give-away!

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Guy’s App PickComicLife 3 by Plasq $29.99
Gaz’s App Pick: He wasn’t here so why would he have one?
Karl’s App PickOvercast by Overcast Radio

Decibullz Custom Molded Earphones
Manufacturer: Decibullz
MSRP: $59.00 (extra molds are available for $19.99)

Apple’s earbuds don’t stay securely in my ears. Many people have fitting problems with earbuds/earphones and many ears differ between left and right. Decibullz has a clever fitting solution—mold your own. Custom-molding offers a big advantage over most in-ear phones. They absolutely, positively won’t fall out of your ears. Even at the gym or while running.


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TechFan #171 – CGI

On July 25, 2014, in TechFan, by Tim Robertson

Tim and David announce the winners of the Feral Interactive LEGO Marvel Super Heroes giveaway! If you have ever thought of Podcasting, this is the episode to listen to as Tim discusses what the Stoplight Network is, the different types of shows there, and how he want’s to see YOU podcasting. FotoMagico 4 by Boinx Software, Amazon’s $126 million dollar loss, OS X Yosemite, and CGI in movies round out the topics on this episode of TechFan!

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FotoMagico 4 by Boinx Software
Stoplight Network
Feral Interactive

Zabius M Earphones – Review

On July 24, 2014, in Audio, Earphones, iPhone, Review, by Curt Blanchard

Zabius M Mobile Gaming Headset
Manufacturer: Genius
MSRP: $49.99 (Internet price: $35.24)
Zabius M

Zabius M is a great sounding pair of earphones. They are packaged in a black box with shooting flames, acetate windows, and a red scorpion logo. Inside, the earphones have flat black and red cables with chrome accents. They are contained in a black zippered case with a metallic red carabiner. All very racy, but why the style attitude?


I’m puzzled by the term “Gaming” when used in marketing materials for a tech product. What exactly are Gaming Mice, Gaming Headphones, and Gaming Mousepads? I suspect that it doesn’t have as much to do with performance as it does with demographics, edginess, and glitz.

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Sound Blaster SR20 ROAR Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Review
Company: Creative
Price: $150

roar front

This new and remarkable portable speaker from Creative Technology changes everything. For $150, Creative Sound Blaster SR20 ROAR is the best wireless (or wired) one-piece speaker ever. It is no exaggeration to state that SR20 is comparable to a $350 or $400 speaker, with ROAR’s price less than half its value and performance.

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A New Contender on the Mobile Market

On July 23, 2014, in Features, by MyMac

Slide 1
Regular readers will know that I’m a huge fan of Apple products. The iPhone and iPad are two things that I wouldn’t ever want to swap, but fantastic though touch screens are, there are some games that take quite a bit of getting used to when you first play them this way.

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Brydge + Keyboard with Speakers – Review

On July 22, 2014, in iPad, iPad Keyboard, Review, by Russ Walkowich

Brydge + Keyboard with speakers for iPad 2, 3, 4
Company: Brydge
Price: $99.00 MSRP

photo 1


The Brydge keyboard series has an interesting background. Begun over two years ago with a KickStarter campaign, the Brydge keyboard initially received favorable reviews by both consumers and reviewers. However, supply problems arose with the company and things faltered. Fast forward to this year and change came to the Brydge. New ownership took over and looked at what was good and made some changes to update the product line to keep up with the iPad and to provide much improved customer service.

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MyMac Podcast 514: New or Used

On July 21, 2014, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast

Took longer than usual since we had to start over because SOMEONE (or just Guy) said something inappropriate and in poor taste though not on purpose. He’s (Guy) just an idiot sometimes. This is the last week to enter the contest for a copy of LEGO MARVEL Super Heros so send your email to enter to “” and don’t forget to say LEGO MARVEL and MyMac in the header. Gaz and Guy debate whether to be buy new, refurbished, or used when you need that next Mac.

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Guy’s App PickRedLaser QR scanner from eBay free as in give us personal info free
Gaz’s App PickSnapSeed
People’s PickPaperama a recommendation from Michael Cassel free with in app purchases

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Rocki Play – Review

On July 21, 2014, in Audio, Review, Wi-Fi, by Tim Robertson

Rocki Play
Company: Rocki
Price: $49.00

Around a decade ago, more or less, I wanted to revisit my teenage years by shopping ebay and finding and buying, my all-time favorite boombox, a Panasonic RX-C39. I LOVED this boombox so much! It was perfect for me. Stylish, good sound (for its time and for not as discriminating ears as I have now), and it was a present from Santa! I was not interested in carrying around my boombox; I wanted one that would fit on my headboard above my pillow. More, I really wanted detachable speakers so that I could place each speaker on either side of the bed, and aim it at my head for optimal listening enjoyment. And because my parents bedroom was right next to mine, I would, at night when they were trying to sleep, put each speaker right next to each ear and turn it down to the lowest volume. You could not hear the music at that volume from two feet away, let alone another room through the walls. But for me, it was very loud! Prince’s Purple Rain never sounded so good to me as a fifteen year!

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Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Review

On July 21, 2014, in Review, Speakers, Wireless, by Curt Blanchard

Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Manufacturer: Inateck
Amazon (US) price: $16.99
Portable Speaker

The little speaker that could. Here’s an impressively small speaker for impressively little money. It doesn’t deliver audiophile quality sound, but for a little speaker, it does what you’d expect for about half the price of its nearest competitors.

SpeakerHand 2

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TechFan #170 – Beating a Dead Horse

On July 18, 2014, in TechFan, by Tim Robertson

Microsoft goes low-end PC, while also laying off 18,000 people. IBM and Apple announces a partnership, Manuel Noriega sues Activision, and we have two top ten list of most evil companies.

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OWC Mercury Pro External Blu Ray Burner – Review

On July 18, 2014, in Review, by Nick Rodriguez

OWC Mercury Pro External Blu Ray Burner
Manufacturer: OWC
MSRP $167.99


Physical media is dead, right? Well, I think we should just wait a moment here. There are still tons of great uses for physical media today. One of the best I can think of is for backing up. However, with today’s large files CDs and DVDs don’t hold enough data. It’s now time to think about Blu-ray. Blu-ray may conjure up thoughts of the latest Hollywood films, but you can fit quite a few gigabytes on a Blu-ray disc.

These days, thanks to the shrinking size of MacBooks and iMacs Apple has decided to forego optical drives altogether. This is where OWC Mercury Pro external Blu-ray burner comes in. It works perfectly with Macs and PCs alike, and will read and write just about anything you can throw at it.
For this review, I was only able to test on a Mac as I do not personally own a PC. That being said, this drive comes supplied with every cable you ever need for both Mac and PC. Thank you! It is such a huge pet peeve of mine when the company does not include all of the cables you need to hook up your new gadget. Thankfully you need not worry about that here. OWC has you covered, even some free blank Blu-ray media is included!

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Easy-switch Bluetooth Keyboard K811
$100 US or £80 UK


Most keyboards are functional but some are more than that. The mini USB charged Logitech K811 Bluetooth keyboard falls into the latter category. The market place is filled with keyboards and keyboard covers, so what makes the K811 standout? This stylish Bluetooth keyboard can be paired with three different Bluetooth devices and switch between them effortlessly. Three things make it stand out from the crowd: flexibility, portability, and ease of use.

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Link for iPad Shoulder Bag – Review

On July 17, 2014, in Bag, iPad, Review, by Elisa Pacelli

Link for iPad Shoulder Bag
Company: STM
Price: $59.95 on


Do you like to carry your iPad or tablet with you wherever you go, along with iPad accessories and other items, but hate using a large backpack or briefcase? Well, have I got a bag for you!

The STM link for iPad Shoulder Bag has become my new favorite bag. That’s not surprising, as I love the STM Cable Wrap, reviewed here last summer by my son. If you need or want a bag with numerous pockets, you’ll be thrilled with the link.

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MyMac Podcast 513: We’re so good we should get paid for it

On July 15, 2014, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast

Can you believe the show is under an hour? We sure couldn’t. LOTS of listener feedback, a contest, and a debate on whether or not we should set up a Patreon link for those that might want to contribute to the madness.

Download the show here
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Guy’s App PickecoFeed from Simple RSS editor that doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of other programs but is about 1/4 the cost. $9.99
Gaz’s App Pick: My Love Hate relationship continues with RR3, and here’s why
People’s Pick: A tip from Allister on how best to use Find my friends in iOS. How to fix it: Don’t tap on a friend in the list. Just tap on the map view itself and move the map as you want. Then tap on the chosen friend on the map. The display will now be exactly the same as the above method but won’t scroll or zoom when you refresh!


Blumoo HomeBase and Mobile App
Company: Flyover Innovations
MSRP: $129.00

blumoo_logo copy

Requires: IOS device (iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 5th gen, or iPad 3rd gen or newer with functioning Bluetooth) and an audio receiver with a spare analog input. An Android 4.0 version of the app is also available.

Putting a home media center can be a daunting task. I can personally attest to this. It’s not just the complex tech gear, but the many choices available to the hapless consumer. All I can recommend is to do what I did: research like crazy.

For many people, the Flyover Innovations Blumoo system might just be the best thing for a universal remote control system with a few twists that I’ll get into shortly.

The Blumoo system consists of two components: the HomeBase with connecting cables, and the Mobile App, which is used to control your home media center.

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TechFan #169 – Speaking Facetiously

On July 11, 2014, in TechFan, by Tim Robertson

What does the TSA, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, the Mac community, and game consoles have in common? (Besides the obvious) They are all topics on this week’s edition of the TechFan Podcast with Tim Robertson and David Cohen!

Download and listen here
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Please Remove Your Shoes (Netflix Link)

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