TechFan #191 – Electric Interviews

On December 26, 2014, in TechFan, by Tim Robertson

Tim and David have a special guest this week, and discuss the Sony hack and the aftermath, electric automobiles, and more!

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A Merry GMen Christmas!

On December 25, 2014, in Review, by Guy Serle



Karl Madden from the Mac & Forth show has been a VERY naughty bunny! He made fun of the Gmen in a JibJab video! Actually though, it’s quite good.


MyMac Podcast 536: Merry Whatevers or BAAA Humbug!

On December 23, 2014, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast

It’s Christmas (or name your preferred holiday title here) and the GMen are grateful for your continued support and downloads. It’s makes them confused but regardless they do appreciate it. All the usual stuff, plus Christmas tales from years past so enjoy!

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It’s the longest day EVER! Or is it?
Guy’s App Pick : Piezo by Rouge Amobea. $14.99 from the Mac App Store. Record nearly any audio from any program (except Safari which is weird)
Gaz’s Pick: Flixster
People’s Pick:
Troy Muller: Just picked up ProCam 2 to try my hand at some more serious camera settings with the ability to save in TIFF format. My intention is to be able to enlarge photos for printing without losing too much detail. I had the first ProCam, which I kind of treated just as a novelty really, but this new version has a lot more to keep me interested.

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Kindle (2014) – Review

On December 22, 2014, in Kindle, Review, by MyMac

Kindle (2014)
Company: Amazon

Price: $79

The digital age of book reading has been great for me, a voracious reader since the age of seven. To be able to find, download, and begin to read a book within a matter of minutes is nothing short of amazing. When it happened, I could not make the switch from paper books to the digital variety fast enough.

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Otterbox Symmetry Series Case for IPhone 6 – Review

On December 22, 2014, in iPhone, iPhone Cases, Review, by Donny Yankellow

Symmetry Series Case for iPhone 6
Company: Otterbox
$39.95-$44.95 (depending on color/pattern option)


When it comes to iOS gear the one name that everyone seems to know is Otterbox. With the Symmetry Series Case for iPhone 6 Otterbox has brought protection and style to the new iPhone 6, without full on protection you get in other models they sell. One might call this “Otterbox Light.”

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TechFan #190 – iPhone Hack Live!

On December 19, 2014, in TechFan, by Tim Robertson

Owen joins Tim this week after his vacation. Owen is having some major Apple software problems, Tim reviews the $79 Kindle and the new Kindle Fire HD 7, and we take control of listeners iPhones! The first over-the-air iPhone Hack happens on this episode!

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Kindle Fire HD 7
HDMI Male to Female Gold Plated Connector, Mini Size

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VisionTek 4 Port PCIe USB 3.0 Expansion Card
Company: VisionTek
Price: $33


VisionTek card photo

How often do you back up your computer? For me, it used to be a nightly chore but I recently changed my backups to a weekly schedule. Sometimes this means that more data is being transferred to my external drive than would be if I were doing this task daily. My external drive was connected to a 2.0 USB port. It didn’t move data at a snail’s pace but it wasn’t exactly lickety-split either.

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MyMac Podcast 535: The 250th GMen Show

On December 16, 2014, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast

Can you believe that nearly 5 years ago, Gaz and Guy started their version of the MyMac Podcast! Can you believe that Tim hasn’t wrestled away the show back from? We sure can’t. However it wouldn’t be a MyMac anniversary show without at least SOMETHING going wrong and sure enough, Guy’s SoundBoard program is somehow hosed. Didn’t stop the GMen though as they finished the conversation they started last week about PC to Mac switchers. Don’t forget about their Bumper contest with as yet undefined prizes! Or as yet undefined length!

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Guy’s App Pick : Parallels 10 by Parallels $79.99 new or a $49.99 upgrade from version 8 or 9
Gaz’s Pick: Insanity! particularly app(lly) named for this show.
People’s pick: VainGlory Fantastic game: 3vs3. Was featured in the iPhone keynote. Graphics are terrific. Free to play.

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Would I still switch from PC to Mac?

On December 16, 2014, in Apple, Features, Mac, Opinion, by gazmaz


The question of whether to switch from a PC to a Mac arises from time to time. I made the move to a Mac in 2007, but the decision would not be as easy today. My only experience with Microsoft software these days is at work, and that doesn’t make it straightforward to compare the Apple world with what a PC has to offer. Why is that?

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VisionTek Charge & Sync USB 3.0 Seven Port Hub – Review

On December 16, 2014, in Hub, Review, by Rich Lefko

VisionTek Charge & Sync USB 3.0 Seven Port Hub
Price: $54.99

VT Total

If you own a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro then you know there are times when you simply don’t have enough ports. If you travel, with other iThings that problem is worse because you have to carry even more stuff like cables and wall chargers.

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Kontrast Action Camera Case – Review

On December 15, 2014, in Cases, Review, by Curt Blanchard

Kontrast Action Camera Case
Manufacturer: Case Logic
MSRP: $39.95
Case Logic


The attractively priced Kontrast Action Camera Case by Case Logic is about the size of a small shoe-box. It is made primarily to hold action cameras such as the GoPro and its related accessories. However, this case can be used for many other uses, photographic or not.

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TechFan #189 – NES Wood ChromeBook

On December 12, 2014, in TechFan, by Tim Robertson

With Owen still being miserable in Hawaii, Tim and David have an extra long show! The Sony email hack – leak is having far reaching effects. Tim thinks it’s time for Apple to embrace color again. David talks about the benefits of OneNote after Sam N. writes in about Evernote. Tim reviews the ToastMade iPhone 6 Plus case, the 14-inch HP ChromeBook, and the NES Bluetooth Controller.

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HP ChromeBook
NES30 GamePad
Toast Wood Cases
Sony / Marvel Spider-Man Information

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4-in-1 Lens for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus – Nemo Memo – with macro photography tips
Price: $80 U. S.

ollo nemo hand

You only see two lenses mounted on the combo frame when you first open your new olloclip package. Where are the other two? Unscrew carefully the outer lens elements and you will observe the two macro lenses exposed from behind the wide angle and fisheye. The company has done a masterful job of designing one unified lens rig that easily switches between its four different focal lengths, with lenses in place simultaneously on front and rear iPhone cameras.

There are four important things you need to know before using your new olloclip 4-in-1 Lens for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus with your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus:

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MyMac Podcast 534: So why Switch? (Part 1)

On December 9, 2014, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast

A quiet week filled with no drama beside house burglaries, busted MacBook Pros, and Uni’s that want to close down schools. The GMen begin a multi-part discussion of why people switch from PCs to Macs and we have a new contest! YEAH!

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Apple’s Mac comparison table
Guy’s App Pick : No app picks from the GMen this week so we could talk about the contest
Gaz’s Pick:
People’s pick: Serenak Assassin likes Instacast and wonders why they’re all called xxxxcast? FREE!

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Soundhawk Smart Listening System – Review

On December 9, 2014, in Bluetooth, Earphones, Headset, Review, by Curt Blanchard

Soundhawk Smart Listening System
Manufacturer: Soundhawk
MSRP: $299.00


Soundhawk is a listening system to help you hear with better clarity in noisy restaurants, in crowds, at meetings, and even while speaking one-to-one. You set individual Sound Scenes with your iDevice (or Android smartphone) depending on your surroundings.

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B2 Bluetooth Speaker


Audioengine’s new B2 Bluetooth Speaker is the best single-cabinet AC powered speaker you have never heard, with the best Bluetooth range you have never experienced. B2’s design is as retro classic as its engineering is advanced. Two powerful speakers are shielded and mounted in a natural wood cabinet that is available in three finishes. Audio output is studio reference quality for flat frequency response, and maximum volume will soon shake your windows and rattle your walls.

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Mobile Tech Trends for 2015

On December 7, 2014, in Features, by MyMac

Thanks to cheap, fast and utterly advanced mobile computing technology, smartphones and tablets are now truly a part of the mainstream. Walk through any busy town centre or café and you’ll see people tapping away at their devices, communicating, doing business and enjoying entertainment products to their heart’s content. However despite the excellence of current technology, there’s always room for improvement in the mobile realm, and there are a number of trends set to rise to prominence in 2015 that will make today’s crop of tech look decidedly archaic.

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TechFan 188 – Are You Blue

On December 5, 2014, in TechFan, by Tim Robertson

David and Tim talk about a few different BlueTooth audio products, including the LuguLake Portable Wireless Speaker, the Genius headset, and more. Tim talks more about his iPhone 6 Plus, and David took the plunge on a iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2. And Owen is flying to Hawaii, so we hate him now.

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Genius HS-920BT Bluetooth Headset – Review
LuguLake Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Review
Nemo’s 2014 Hardware Accessory Roundup, Part 4
8Bitdo Bluetooth Wireless Classic NES Controller
Shure SRH145 Portable Collapsible Headphones

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iPhone 4S on Tracfone, a Personal Experience

On December 5, 2014, in Apple, iOS, iPhone, Opinion, Review, by David M. Acklam


You may be wondering why I am writing about an old iPhone 4S. Isn’t everyone rushing out to get a new iPhone 6 or 6 plus? You are probably asking what the heck is this Tracfone thing? This is just another one of my personal experiences that I felt was worth sharing with our MyMac reader audience.

I’m a retired senior citizen trying to enjoy these golden years. When it came to owning a cell phone, I originally didn’t feel there was a need to add one these to our budget. The phones are expensive, especially an iPhone, and so are the monthly fees associated with the various service providers.

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Mio Alpha Heart Rate Sport Watch and iHomeAudio iBN10 Executive Music Station – Nemo Memo


Mio ALPHA Heart Rate Sport Watch
Company: Mio
Price: $199 U.S.


Mio’s ALPHA is a stylish, rugged, easy to use fitness watch that is as versatile as it is light weight. Within seconds of opening its carton you will be charging its battery via the dedicated, custom USB cable, and within hours you will be using this attractive watch to its optimum capability.

An insufficient written manual is included. The full manual is online as a PDF. If you have never before used a fitness watch you may be confused by the terms and features described, plus the device itself. One helpful phone call to the toll free USA phone number will have you fully acquainted with Alpha’s modes of operation. Email and web support are available.

ALPHA provides two basic statistics: heart rate and workout timing. That’s it, in addition to a digital clock. Users can monitor or record this information as desired, including synched Bluetooth iOS app record keeping (not tested).

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