MyMac Podcast 956: Blech Friday

Sure there are deals both in-store and digitally, but since they started talking about Black Friday deals before Halloween, is anyone else tired of the hype? We sure are, so here’s a few relatively inexpensive things tech related you can buy that we like, and they’re probably not even on sale! But maybe they are.

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Tim Cook Due Lipa

Meet the 2023 App Store Award Finalists

For Picks Sake


Apple AirTags, 4-pack $80

Tenmos wireless USB-C charging Mouse with lots of available colors. Can be charged while still using it. $14

DNTGVUP Charging Station for your iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple AirPods. Light, portable, and only uses one AC Plug $23

Fifine K669D Dynamic XLR microphone. Most amazing mic ever with none to compare it to? Not in the slightest, but one of the best under $50 XLR microphones you’ll find out there. Amazing build quality and hits above it’s weight in quality. $37

Got an M1 Mac mini and have port and storage envy? No worries, grab this enclosure and an M2 style SSD storage card and add all the data you want without Apple’s upgrade price. $75 for the enclosure and $130 for a Samsung 980 2TB M2 SSD

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