MyMac Podcast 233 – Filemaker Pro – Migration – Verbatim

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This week, Rick Kalman from Filemaker drops in to talk about all things FileMaker Pro 10. Then David Cohen and Tim Robertson are joined by John Nemo for a review of the Verbatim Speaker Keyboard. The final segment features Guy Serle and Owen Rubin talking about migrating to a new Macintosh.

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FileMaker Pro

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Drive Genius 2.1 – Review

Hard drive utilities are used to maintain, repair and configure hard drives. Since OS X already comes with a basic hard drive utility called Disk Utility, you might wonder what’s the point of buying a third-party program like Drive Genius. Read Neale Monks review and find out why Drive Genius 2 is worth the asking price!

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MXL Studio 1 Desktop Recording Kit – Review

Is there a budding podcaster lurking inside the deep dark recesses of your content saturated mind? Well here is your opportunity to let your inner Rock Star out to play for a while. The MXL Studio 1 Desktop Recording Kit provides you with the basic audio hardware for digitally recording those thoughts and opinions that have been aching to see the light of day.

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Adobe InDesign CS4 – Review

Usually I feel very strongly one way or the other before I start the actual physical writing part of writing a product review. Not that InDesign CS4 isn’t a great upgrade; it is. I’m just not all that excited about an application for print publishing when we all know where that industry is headed.

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Fujitsu ScanSnap S300M – Review

In this busy world of deadlines and expense accounts, more and more weary travelers are choosing to take mobile scanners on the road and get those business cards and receipts into their personal data management programs. The ScanSnap S300M was designed by Fujitsu for this very purpose. Read on and find out if this little dynamo is right for the road worrier in you.

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iStik Hands-free 4th generation iPod Nano case and holder – Review

Ever not realize there’s a problem until someone comes up with a solution for it? If you own a 4th generation Apple iPod Nano and are physically active while using it, then you probably have some kind of case with a clip or a loop or some other less than convenient way of securing it. The iStik is a new way of doing just that. Does it work well? Read on!

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ArtRage Deluxe – Review

A couple of years ago I had the chance to review ArtRage 2 by Ambient Design and it is one of my favorite, low priced, paint programs for the Mac. For $25 you get a fantastic Painter like program. Since that review came out, ArtRage 2.5 has been released, and many new features have been added. It was time for an updated review!

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MyMac Podcast 230 – New Macs – Safari Beta 4 – Windows 7

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This week, Guy, David, and Tim host a lively discussion on the latest newest Mac mini, iMac, and Mac Pro. Then we look at the controversial new Safari 4 beta having spent a week with the new version. And finally, we look at what Microsoft is doing with Windows 7, and compare that with what Apple has historically done with its Operating System releases.

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A Review of ivideosongs Music Lessons – Review

ivideosongs had a great idea when they decided to enlist the aid of accomplished musicians to give their various perspectives on how to approach playing your instrument of choice. Who better to teach you than the players of the stars? Russ Kunkel and Liberty DeVitto are two of the most recorded and accomplished players in music today.

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