Bookendz Docking Station for 13” MacBook

Today’s portable Macs are as fully featured and functional as any desktop machine – in fact, parts of the Mac desktop line-up have embraced the design and implementation of the portable systems – the Mac Mini is a MacBook in a desktop case! Accordingly, many people have a MacBook or a MacBook Pro as their only Mac. Enter the Bookendz Docking Station for 13” MacBook!

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MyMac Podcast 151

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A special weekend edition of the podcast looking at Leopard. First up, Tim talks about installing the new Mac OS on both his G5 and Macbook Pro machines. Robert chimes in from his cell phone twice, once about buying Leopard, and again with his first impressions after installing it on an older iBook G4. Finally, John Nemo records four interviews from the Apple store, a really fun segment!

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Sleevz and ScreenSavrz for MacBook and MacBook Pro

Keeping your MacBook or MacBook Pro looking shiny and new isn’t easy. Accidental bumps cause the keys to touch the screen, at the least letting grease from your fingers get onto the LCD and at worst actually causing unsightly scratches. Neale takes a look at two of Radtech’s solutions: the Sleevz and ScreenSavrz.

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Flaming Laptops Help Desk #2

Who do you call with your Mac questions? Tom! This week, a troubled iBook G3, Apple’s Battery Exchange Program for iBook G4 and PowerBook G4, and migrating data from a PowerMac 8200

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MyMac Podcast 90
Trouble in Paradise

Trouble in paradise? Seems so, as Chad has problems with his new MacBook, and Tim seemingly does as well with his MacBook Pro. Also this week, a new feature from titled Fenestration by David Cohen, Dashboard Minute with Guy Serle, Speedy Review by Robert Hazelrigg, and NoSnooze by Nemo.

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