Nuke and Pave
MyMac Podcast 327

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We had to start twice this time as Tim Robertson called with great news! The MyMac and TechFan Podcasts will be teaming up at the 2011 Macworld Expo on the Main Stage on Saturday January 26th at noon! Andreas Zeitt from the Screencasts Online site joins us to talk about screencasts and how he does them. Guy erases the hard drive in his MacBook Pro and hopes he can get it all together before leaving for the Macworld Expo.
It’s coming up on a new year and you’re first resolution for the year should be listening to Tim and Dave on the
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MyMac Podcast 327

  1. Can you recommend a place that post step by step instructions on Nuke and Pave? Never done this on mac and have issues that I think nuke and pave would fix.

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