MyMac Podcast 524: Bend it like Beckham

On September 29, 2014, in Podcast, by Tim Robertson

Melissa Davis takes a chance in joining the GMen for an episode. Many tried to warn her against it, but she just didn’t believe them. They have a long talk about iPhone bending as well as iCloud issues, Family Sharing SNAFU’s, and general all around recent Apple problems. Doesn’t sound like much fun, but they manage to turn every issue into rainbows and sunshine! Well, they laughed a lot about it anyway.

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Guy’s App Pick: VideoGIF from PearlMountain Technology. $4.99 in the Mac App Store. Trim existing video or create your own with your webcam. Add text, determine how long you want it to be and post it in you favorite social media sites.
Gaz’s App Pick: Couch to 5K. Want to start running, want to back back into running well this podcast, Mrs G has found it great to get into some running with out making it a chore.
Mellisa’s App Pick: “How To Make An iPhone Wallet
NewerTech NuGuard KX
iROO Pouch
People’s Pick:
From Erick Diaz: Asphalt 8 free with in-app purchases, and takes advantage of all the latest graphics. Looks like a console game on iOS.

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Lemur BlueDriver
Developer: Lemur Monitors
Requires: IOS device (iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch) running IOS 7 or newer, or an Android device (phones, tablets) running Android 4.0 or newer.
Price: $99.95

Have you ever been ripped off by an auto mechanic? Have you paid an exorbitant fee to clear your Check Engine light when all that happened was that you forgot to tighten your gas filler cap until it clicked? Would you like to know more about how your car or truck is running? Are you an amateur mechanic who wants to know more about their car’s inner workings without having to buy an expensive diagnostic computer? If so, the Lemur BlueDriver Advanced Scan Tool may just be what you’re looking for.

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TechFan 179 – Bendghazi

On September 26, 2014, in TechFan, by Tim Robertson

Owen Rubin joins Tim and David this episode. David comes up with the most clever iPhone 6 bending term yet: Bendghazi! Tim and Owen try to get iOS 8 working correctly for 20 minutes during the show, and Logoist 2 is discussed.

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Logoist 2

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iMovie The Missing Manual – Review

On September 26, 2014, in Apps, Audio, Book Review, iMovie, iOS, iWork, Review, Video, by Mark Sealey

iMovie The Missing Manual
Author: David Pogue
O’Reilly Press
ISBN-10: 1491947322
ISBN-13: 978-1491947326
Price: Ebook: $33.99
Print: $39.99
Print and Ebook: $43.99

10- 1491947322
The “Missing Manual” series, of course, aims to fill gaps that many pieces of software (may) leave by having no – or an inadequate – manual. iMovie The Missing Manual (O’Reilly) looks at Apple’s venerable movie editing software.

The status (in and out of the iLife suite), pricing, versioning, naming, scope, purpose and popularity of Apple’s own iMovie have all varied significantly since the software’s introduction in 1999.

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Photoshop Elements 13 – Review

On September 25, 2014, in Photography, Review, by Curt Blanchard

Adobe Photoshop Elements 13
Developer: Adobe Systems
MSRP: $99.00 (Upgrade $79.99)

Photoshop Elements 13 isn’t exactly a consumer version of Adobe’s Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud). However, it’s wrong to think of Elements as a watered-down version of Photoshop. It’s easier to use, but its feature set is vast, very powerful, and does not require a subscription. Elements provides all of the editing capabilities most users will ever need.


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MyMac Podcast 523: Sad Face

On September 23, 2014, in Podcast, by Tim Robertson

The sound is good, the time is right, but it’s still the same GMen. Messages somehow confuses my son Peter AND Dave Hamilton for Apple. Yeah, I don’t get it either. The GMen are back to using Google Docs because Apple’s Pages and iCloud is completely hosed and they have a discussion about the many missteps lately from everyone’s (or maybe a few people anyway) favorite electronics company.

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Guy’s App Pick: Time Machine. For probably the first time ever, a file got lost for me. It was a Canon MTS MPEG file that I tried to convert using a different program. Not only did it NOT convert, it made the file disappear. Time Machine went back in time (without those pesky morlocks) and put it back.
Gaz’s App Pick: ANTI PICK DON’T USE ICLOUD IT’S BIG FAIL :( OK that was because I’m upset I recently bought a pinball game for the iPad called PINBALL HD costs £1.49 and there are further in app purchases for more boards, this gives you 3 open boards but does give you access to a restricted board where you’ll need to buy the inApp purchase to access full functionality

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TechFan #178 – Self-Flushing Podcast

On September 19, 2014, in TechFan, by Tim Robertson

Tim and David discuss iOS 8, the lines of people waiting to buy an iPhone, and the craziness surrounding Apple pushing the new U2 album out to every iTunes user. Microsoft shuts down their Silicon Valley research lab, Tim does a mini review of the Braven 705, and we have feedback from Andre, Peter, and Mike.

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MyMac Podcast 522: Shawn King just takes the fun out of everything

On September 16, 2014, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast

Guy can’t leave well enough alone and has (yet again) changed his recording setup. This was nearly a disaster which means that even MORE changes are afoot (so give him a hand…gold clap). Shawn King comes on to talk to the GMen about all the new Apple stuff, the death of Macworld as a print magazine, and Canadian Football…wait really?

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Guy’s App Pick: Netflix app for iOS
Gaz’s Pick: Wind Tunnel Pro
People’s Pick Mini Review: From Michael Cassel
Logitech Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac
It’s flat.
Supports all Apple gestures etc.
Slightly larger surface area.
As sensitive as the Apple version
May appear to be slightly less sensitive – but it isn’t

Simply in terms of the angle alone he prefers this to my Apple trackpad. All the functionality is there too.

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The problem with wearables

On September 15, 2014, in Opinion, by Guy Serle



My fundamental issue with all these wearables is that for more than really basic functionality (or less than that) you need it to be tied to a phone. Apple’s watch is no different in that regard. So how can it be better? From the mind that said Apple should stop making Macs and let others clone and that they would NEVER release two different sized phones at the same time! So be warned.

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Smartwatches and the Classroom

On September 15, 2014, in Opinion, by Donny Yankellow

watchWith the wearable tech market on the rise, and now that Apple is definitely entering the market, there is one place that I can see the smartwatch being a real problem- the classroom. Teachers already have it hard fighting the battle against cell phone and texting in class (of course texting can happen on computers now too). The smartwatch will only make that battle even harder.

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B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver

hand audioengine

Bluetooth audio has arrived for serious music listeners. Connect Audioengine’s new B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver to your home stereo unit or other system and enjoy the best wireless music signal available. Use your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Macintosh to stream audio to B1. Your music never sounded this good before B1.

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Nemo’s 2014 Hardware Accessory Roundup, Part 1
Vector Anodized Aluminum Collapsible Cup Holder

vector brown

No drinks on the table! My students are really tired of hearing me say that at the beginning of each workshop. Now they tell new students that Nemo insists that no drinks can be on the table before I notice the offending bottles, cans, mugs, and cups.

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TechFan #177 – iPhone 6 and Apple Watch

On September 10, 2014, in TechFan, by Tim Robertson

The Apple Event has come and gone, and Tim and David discuss the what’s what. Also, Amazon drops the Fire Phone in price, Samsung gets no press love for the Galaxy Note 4, and Tim discuss the Clash of Clans type of games on the App Store.

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MyMac Podcast 521: Breaking through the iClouds

On September 9, 2014, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast

Gaz and Guy talk about Apple’s iCloud nude celebrity problems and strangely enough, no one broke into THEIR iCloud accounts looking for naked pictures of the GMen. Bud Lite’s Real Men of Whatever ads make a horrible warbly comeback and you guys put a ton of stuff into the MyMac Podcast G+ page. It’s Guy’s Birthday on the announcement of Apple’s new iStuff and Guy finally gives up and switches to mostly hardware to record the podcast with hilarious results that you won’t find out about until next week…if he remembers to talk about it then.

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Guy’s App Pick: Image Capture by Apple FREE! Have a scanner or camera that you JUST can’t get to communicate easily. Chances are whatever driver was included is garbage. Remember to try Apple’s built-in Image Capture as it will provide basic functionality for practically everything out there.
Gaz’s Pick: Was looking around the Mac App store, as there are times I’d like a Lightroom or Aperture type application to adjust some of my RAW photo’s that perhaps deserve a little more love and more to the point selective editing, I came across what looks like a pretty good alternative, normally 40GBP’s but is currently free in the Mac App store, well it was over the weekend of the 6th and 7th Sep, I hope it’s still free by the time you all hear this.

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Skiva USBLink Duo sync and charge cables – Review

On September 9, 2014, in Review, by Curt Blanchard

Skiva USBLink Duo sync and charge cables
Manufacturer: Skiva Technologies
3.2 foot cable: $14.99
0.5 foot cable: $13.99

Plagued by too many cables? Here’s a creative cure. Skiva USBLink Duo cables have a standard USB plug on one end and on the other, a Lightning plug and a micro-USB plug. This sleight-of-hand is accomplished by stacking the two plugs, one inside the other.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 10.30.54 AM

You sync or charge your iDevice via the Lightning plug as usual. When the need arises to charge a different device, pull off the Lightning plug and underneath it, there is a micro-USB plug. The small Lightning plug tip won’t get lost because it is securely tethered to the end of the cable. That’s thoughtful design.

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BlueAnt PUMP HD Sportsbuds – Review

On September 8, 2014, in Audio, Bluetooth, Headphones, by Russ Walkowich

PUMP HD Sportbuds Waterproof/Bluetooth Headphones
Company: BlueAnt
Price: $129.95 MSRP


I have been running and working out for many years now and since the advent of portable electronic devices, the one pet peeve that I’ve had is that I have never really found a set of headphones that will work properly once I’ve started to sweat during the workout. Apple’s earbuds or any major brand in-ear headphones always seem to have the same issue; sooner or later my sweat will cause one side or the other of the in-ear headphone to stop working properly until I’ve dried it out. So when BlueAnt said that they had a waterproof bluetooth headphone, I knew that I had to give them a try.

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Price: $115 and slightly under, Internet pricing, USA

There are many online comments on this innovative little replacement laptop hard drive from Seagate, now in its third generation. Purchasers post remarks ranging from extreme satisfaction to total failure. I chose to evaluate this product for its splendid archive purposes, not as a new internal drive.

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YouTube to MP3 – Review

On September 4, 2014, in Apps, Mac, Review, by Greg Holdsworth

YouTube To MP3
Price: Free (Donationware)


YouTube To MP3


YouTube to MP3 is a classic example of an application designed to do one basic thing, and do it very well. Have you ever wanted to save the audio part of a YouTube video? The YouTube to MP3 converter app is just what you’re looking for.

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DuraFolio iPad Air case – Review

On September 3, 2014, in Cases, Cover, Review, by Curt Blanchard

DuraFolio iPad Air case
Manufacturer: Speck Products
MSRP: $69.95 (Internet prices are about $15.00 less)

I’m a fan of Speck iPad cases. I reviewed the terrific HandyShell cases here previously. Unfortunately, Speck still does not make a HandyShell case for the iPad Air so I decided to try their DuraFolio case.

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 2.51.09 PM

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MyMac Podcast 520: You say it’s your Birthday

On September 2, 2014, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast

Another struggle with Guy and audio, but the GMen soldier on! What’s coming from Apple September 9? You have no idea and neither do they, but that doesn’t stop them from talking about it anyway. Guy tears apart a Mac Mini to add memory and a hard drive and much to his surprise it worked when he was done. Gaz buys an AppleTV for is daughter which naturally means they’ll be a new one very soon. Want to help out with the podcast? Check out the Patreon page for the show. Don’t have to if you don’t want to, we’ll keep making more podcasts regardless!

Download the show here
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Patreon link:

Guy’s App PickTwistedWave Audio editor from TwistedWave $9.99. Record audio, add effects, use AudioBus to imort and export to other programs as well as export to others with lots of file options. If you record audio on your iOS devices, you should have TwistedWave
Gaz’s PickNot an App but a pick £40.00 GB, €49.00, $49.00, $69.00 NZ, $55.00 AU
People’s Pick: Allister Jenks likes Hyperlapse from Instagram. He thought he’d give this a go, even though he has a deep aversion to Facebook, including Instagram. It is a very simple app which takes a video and then speeds it up, with a little stabilisation for good measure. He was rather impressed with the results and once he saw that you can simply save the movies to your photo roll rather than be tied into Facebook & Instagram, he was sold. He uploaded one of his creations (apologies for the crooked horizon) to Vimeo.


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