MyMac Podcast 968: I have the POWER

Karl Madden of the Mac and Forth podcast join the GMen to help answer a listener question asking about Power Adapters. This got us to thinking (and you know how hard that is), what kind of options are there to power our Apple gear away from wherever it is we call home. Not just that quick trip to Disneyland, but perhaps some far away land filled with wonder unlike anything we’ve experienced at home! Huh…,maybe we mean Disneyland after all.

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Gaz’s Link:-

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Links to Power Adapters and Conditioners

Mapambo Converter

Bestek 250W Power Converter

Key Power 200W Power Converter

Apple World Traveler Adapter Kit

Accell Power Conditioner

For Picks Sake


Gaz :- SKROSS Power Adapter

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