Essential Apple Podcast 291: WWW is 35 years old!

On this show: the World Wide Web turned 35, Nick still has hacker issues, Sonoma bugs, Vision Pro used in neuro surgery, hints that Apple are ramping up on their AI works and more. As ever Simon and Nick have a natter about it all.


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Recorded 17th March 2024

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On this week’s show


  • Spligosh in the Slack
  • Sutton Park Circuit church worship on YouTube
  • Nick’s church stream videos on You Tube


  • The World Wide Web just turned 35 years — and please, stop calling it the Internet – TechRadar
  • Vision Pro used in surgery for the first time “to eliminate human error“ – 9to5Mac
  • Apple reports AI training breakthrough – Philip Elmer‑DeWitt
  • Apple buys startup DarwinAI, adds staff to its AI division, Bloomberg reports – Reuters
  • A wrinkle in lawmakers’ plans for TikTok: Finding a willing buyer – CNN
  • New macOS Sonoma update is reportedly taking down printers as well as USB Hubs – TechRadar
  • Oracle Warns macOS 14.4 Can Cause Java to Terminate Unexpectedly – MacRumors
  • Apple is now assembling the 6.1-inch iPhone 15 in Brazil – 9to5Mac
  • iOS 18 could bring hearing aid functionality to AirPods Pro – Cult of Mac
  • Leaked Apple roadmap hints at iPhone SE 4, foldable iPhone, and AR glasses – TechRadar
  • Apple developed chip equivalent to four M2 Ultras for Apple Car – 9to5Mac
  • Building Under Regulation – Hardcore Software by Steven Sinofsky


  • GarageBand update comes with an important security patch – 9to5Mac
  • Do an iPhone’s ‘Journaling Suggestions’ Settings Reveal Your Name and Location? – Snopes


  • How to Fix iPhone Messages Indexing [2024] – TechPP

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