MyMac Podcast 295 – Podcast Contest

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Listener feedback and anecdotes about recording the 300th podcast contest commercial (we’ll put it out someday…the outakes that is). Gaz has some sound problems with his MacBook that required some major Googling and Time Machine to solve. Plus MacAlly’s Amptune, Smile on my Mac’s PDFpen, Westone’s True-Fit Earphones, Modulr, WiFi sync app, and much more. A MAJOR announcement and a new contest for the 300th podcast! Here are some of the prizes!

MacAlly Amptune $69.99
Smile on my Mac PDFpen $49.95
ProSoft Engineering’s Drive Genius $99 and Data Rescue $99
JoeSoft’ Hear $49.95
NoodleSoft Hazel $21.95
Reggie Ashworth’s AppDelete $7.99
Boinx Software’s FotoMagico 3 Pro $149
St Claire Software’s Default Folder X $34.95
Westone’s Westone 1 True-Fit Earphones $139

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Review – Popcorn 4

Tired of the kids using your expensive DVDs as coasters? Maybe its time to make extra copies so you don’t have to figure out how to get jam off your DVDs before you stick them in your player. See what Popcorn 4 from Roxio can do for you.

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Review – iPad Slip Case

The Slip Case by Waterfield Designs is a very simple concept. It is essentially a padded sleeve to protect your iPad on the go. It is nothing more and nothing less. It is available in six colors and costs $29.

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How excited I was to dream of Pages living in the Apple-lined cloud where I could create and edit my documents from anywhere at anytime with those files being served from one location with an ingenious silky-smooth Apple syncing system keeping all of my devices current and up to date. Let’s call it, MobileMe 2.0.

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Review – Sennheiser PX210BT Headphones

The Sennheiser PX210BT earphones are a comfortable against-the-ear headset designed to be used wirelessly with any newer Bluetooth compatible device. They also come with a USB cable that can be plugged into an external power source or computer output so that when the built- in rechargeable battery is low or exhausted you can still listen to music as you would with any other set of wired earphones. If you’re going to use them with an iPhone, keep in mind they do not come with a microphone.

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MyMac Podcast 294: A MyMac Attack

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An EXTRA-LONG show (sorry about that), but totally worth it. Guy finally gets his iPad while the UK and other regions get delayed again (HINT: it’s most likely Guy’s fault!). We also go over some listener feedback from Kevin Bush and our very own John Nemo!. We welcome Steve Stanger of the Mac Attack podcast and Mac Roundtable podcast. He talks about starting his own podcast and the three of us talk about backing up your computer, when we switched from the Classic Mac OS over to OS X, what the heck ever happened to Mac User Groups, and iPhoto.

iPhoto Library Manager
Washington Apple Pi

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Also we have a new comment number: 703-436-9501 (not a toll-free call)

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Review – Navigon’s MobileNavigator

There are many navigation Apps within the iTunes App Store. At their core, they are all designed to pretty much do the same thing, get you from point A to point B. How does MobileNavigator iPhone by Navigon rate at its core purpose in life? Read on and discover if this is the navigation App for you.

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Review – ColcaSac Kindle Case

I’m going to put it out there right at the start: the ColcaSac Kindle Sleeve isn’t the most attractive Kindle case out there. But is that what’s most important in protecting your precious Kindle?

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Review – Macally MSuit iPad Case

When you look at cases for the iPad, iPhone, or iPod one of the most popular case materials is silicone. It is great for protecting your device. The MSuit is a great silicone case by Macally that only costs $19.99. It is only available in black, so if you want a different color this one is not for you.

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Mac the Shutterbug

Digital photography has revolutionized the photography industry. I remember when, for most people, learning about photography primarily centered on learning the craft up to

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MyMac Podcast 293

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Gaz orders an iPad and may end up getting one BEFORE Guy even though they aren’t even available in the UK yet! Guy talks about a cool device (not a sponsor) called the PowerCurl

Some Travel tips from the GMen and what else will Gaz use his iPad for? We talk about what may be coming up for the iPad Mark 2. We have some interesting news about some upcoming events that you don’t want to miss! Lastly, an interesting discussion about some alternatives to getting music besides from iTunes.


Contact us: or directly at or Also we have a new comment number: 703-436-9501 (not a toll-free call)

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Review – 3-in-1 Battery Charger

The Macally 3-in-1 battery charger gives you three ways to recharge electronic devices in a playfully designed gadget. My first impression was of an electronic Rubic’s Cube or something made from a Lego set. But it’s not as frustrating as a Rubic’s Cube and although its purpose is simple, it is far more sophisticated than a bucket of Legos.

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Review – CarMD

Is that annoying Check Engine light on in your car? Is the car running poorly? Do you want to know why, or just how much it is going to cost to fix it? This device might just be your answer.

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Review – Pro Runner x450 AW

In this iPhone/iPad would of ever shrinking portable devices, there are still those geeks and pro photogs alike who must bring along their 15” MacBook Pros, a couple of camera bodies, and a few lenses. If this describes you, then the Lowepro Pro Runner x450 AW might just be the transportation solution you have been waiting for. We put this product through a number of rigorous real world test. Read on and discover whether this high end roller bag is worth your investment.

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