Review – iPad Slip Case

iPad Slip Case
Waterfield Designs

Price: $29

The Slip Case by Waterfield Designs is a very simple concept. It is essentially a padded sleeve to protect your iPad on the go. It is nothing more and nothing less. It is available in six colors and costs $29.

The sleeve has very thick padding the will protect your iPad if you stow it in a backpack or put it in a suitcase, for example. At the bottom of the case is a little pull-tab that will help you get your iPad out of the case very easily.

It is also has a waterproof outer coating. If you are caught in a rain storm with it in your hands, or accidentally spill something, the case and your iPad will be protected (as long as the iPad is inside or out of the range of the liquid).

The case is well made and withstood my pulling and yanking at it. Nothing ripped and no seems were broken. It even survived my two year old.

When you put the iPad in the case you notice it is definitely a snug fit. I don’t think there is any need to worry about the iPad sliding out of the case and getting damaged. However, it is almost a little two snug. I tried fitting the iPad into the case with a Macally Metropad case on my iPad. I could not get it in. The Macally case is very thin, and adds very little to the size of the iPad, but it was just enough to make it not fit into the slip case.

So, if you plan you using an out case/shell on the iPad itself, you will probably have to remove the case to use the Slip Case. If you don’t plan on putting the iPad into a case, the Slip Case might be the perfect case for you. rating: 9 out of 10

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