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Macally BookStand iPad Case
Price: $49.99

Company: Macally

The iPad case market is booming and Macally is one of the companies diving right in with a bunch of offerings. The BookStand is one of their higher end cases coming in at a price of $49.99. Is it worth the money? Read on.

To start, the BookStand is a case that mimics a book. It has a front, a back, and a spine. It opens like a book, but instead of pages inside it has an iPad. The case itself covers the front and back of the iPad nicely (when closed). The only side that is covered is where you would have the spine of the case. When opened the only coverage on the iPad is the back and the four corners holding the iPad into the case. While this may not be the best protection, it does leave easy access to controls and connections. It also makes for easy installation, something I am finding is not common is many iPad cases.

When closed the case has a strap that holds the case closed when transporting. The material is a nice and soft and I have no worries about it scratching the iPad. The model I tested was gray, but a black model is on the way.

The great thing about the BookStand is that the cover folds back behind the iPad and becomes an easel. The strap straps in making it very secure. In my tests I have propped the iPad up on a stool using the BookStand and it works perfectly. When in this form the iPad can be propped almost straight up in landscape mode or more reclined to help with typing. This is the best feature of the BooksSand.

Overall, I really like the BookStand. IMy main complaint is that the sides are exposed when traveling. When the case is open it really doesn’t do much protecting. If you want a case for protecting your iPad from falls I suggest going with a different model.

If you are looking for an easel-like case for your iPad that is lightweight, great looking, and easy to use this one is worth checking out. Rating 9 out of 10

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