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Ultimate SleeveCase

Ultimate SleeveCase
Waterfield Designs

Price: Starts at $55 and goes up depending on optionsSleeveCase

The Ultimate SleeveCase by Waterfield designs reminds me of a great Incase laptop bag I used to keep my iBook in. It has a great look and is made of sturdy materials.

The SleeveCase is basically a sleeve type of case for your iPad. It slides into the case for travel and storage. The case has thick padding and will definitely protect your iPad. What I really like is the fold over cover that latches shut. No need to worry about the iPad falling out with the case closed up.

Another feature I really like (if you want to call it a feature) is that the iPad fits snuggly but not too snuggly. I easily fit the iPad with a case on it into the sleeve and was able to close the case without a problem.

The Ultimate SleeveCase is very customizable to what you need in a case with many add-on options. Of course, the more you add the more you pay.

Options include: a leather or lead indium trim, a vertical or horizontal orientation (no extra cost), a shoulder strap or just the clips for a shoulder strap (not in the unit I tested), and a pouch (also not in the test unit).

While the SleeveCase comes with a little pocket that would hold an iPad cable and headphones and the charger (tightly), the pouch seems like a great addition for holding the charger and more. There is definitely no room inside the case for anything but the iPad (and maybe a few sheets of paper).

So, if you add all of the accessories to your order you are looking at over $100 for an iPad case. It is a little pricey, but it is also a nice product. Even without the extras, this is not a cheap case for your iPad. However, you get what you pay for, and this is a high quality case that should last.

I really like it, but it would be nice if some of the add-ons came with the standard case – especially the shoulder strap.

For more information check out the company’s video below, or visit the website. Rating 8 out of 10

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