Walmart is right on Target!
MyMac Podcast 315

On October 14, 2010, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast
We get some very nice feedback from Twitter and a Skype call from a Mystery caller about iWeb. Is iLife 11 coming out soon? Amazon’s German site seems to think so. Guy and Gaz spend some time talking about what they’d like to see in the next version just in time for GarageBand to crash. Also, Walmart and Target will soon be selling iPads. Who in Apple thought THAT was a good idea?
If you liked OWCRadio, you’ll love TechFan and you’ll find it in the MyMac iTunes feed. Lastly, use the code MyMac15 to get 15% off ANY software at the Ambrosia Software.

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The Gods Do Not Want Me to Have an iPhone

On July 2, 2010, in Apple, iPhone, Opinion, by Owen Rubin

Taking the Plunge and Finally Going iPhone — or not!

So I have wanted an iPhone for a long time. I have watched with envy as the first, second, and third generation phones came, and many of my friends were having a great time playing with them, while I sat with my trusty old Treo, trying to convince myself that it was just as good.

Treo 755p

It was not! Oh, it did what it needed to do, and had most of the same functions actually, but it was just no where near as fun.  So I got an iPod touch, but that was still not an iPhone.

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About Owen Rubin

Owen Rubin was one of the first people to program arcade video games for Atari a long time ago, and designed arcade video games for almost 15 years. He later joined Apple where he worked on both hardware and software projects, and was the key player on the MacLC, bootable CD, several pieces of Mac system software, as well as a contributor to many other CPU projects. He later worked for Pacific Bell to lead the design of services for the first commercial broadband system in the US, and then went on to be the lead researcher of broadband for Paul Allen's Interval Research. Since then, he has been an executive at a number of startups in security and semiconductors, and CTO of Edison Labs, a startup focusing on helping commercial clients write and develop mobile apps. Right now, he is looking for the next great thing (hint hint!)

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On March 30, 2010, in Opinion, by Mark Rudd


The pressure was unyielding and, at times, overwhelming. So many times my finger felted the firm resistance of the hard plastic button pushed up against it like a gateway drug beckoning to click and feel the rush and euphoria of an Apple purchase. The years, months, weeks, days, and hours leading up to the January 2010 reveal (well, Apple calls them Special Events), where the iPad would be ceremoniously unveiled to a clamoring throng of mostly Apple branded lemmings, were intense. I felt sure that I would order at least one of whatever Steve unapologetically offered that day as the next piece of deified fruit from upon high.

The day had finally arrived. The world was, “all a twitter” (excuse the obvious heteronym) over the promised revelation from Steve and his merry men. It seemed as though every news outlet, blogger, podcaster, and social mediadite had a take regarding the new product from Apple. To be fair, the iPhone had taken the world by storm and no one wanted to be left off the media coverage train for this new device. It promised to be a seminal moment in Apple history and we were all ready for the new Johnny (Ive) Apple Seed.

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