Arc Mouse – Review

It takes a lot to innovate in the world of computer mice these days. After all, seen one mouse seen them all, right? Wrong. Microsoft has figured out a way to innovate the mouse with their Arc Mouse.

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Axio Messenger Laptop Bag

Laptop bags very personal items. Everyone who owns a laptop needs to carry something different. That’s why bag manufactures offer so many varieties and styles. Today we take a look at the Axio Messenger Bag.

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MyMac Podcast 215 – Typical MyMac Podcast with Victor Cajiao

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Victor Cajiao from the Typical Mac User Podcast joins David, Tim, and Guy for a chat about the upcoming Macworld Expo, the future of digital photography and video, and the world of New Media. A fun and lively show!

Other World Computing: Check out the Universal Drive Adapter!
PosiMotion: Pool is Cool!

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Typical Mac User Podcast

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Giftory 3.0 – Review

Thanks to a clumsy, inconsistent interface and a number of significant omissions, a program that attempts to bring organization and efficiency to the process of gift-giving brings only frustration for what might have been.

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The iPhone as a Netbook Alternative

The netbook craze has reached a fever pitch, but what does it mean for Apple? We take a look at this hot-button issue and give our readers the definitive answer. Well, an answer anyway.

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Big Words – A Reality

Wouldn’t it be cool if… I wonder how many of the applications we use today, either on the computer or our iPhone / iPod Touch, came to be with those five simple words. Here is the story about one such App, Big Words, and how Tim Robertson came up with the idea and the steps taken to make it a reality!

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Internet Security Barrier X5 Antispam Edition DP – Review

There are only a very few commercial anti-virus programs available for the Mac: Norton AntiVirus and Intego’s Internet Security Barrier X5. There’s also one major freeware product, ClamXav. Today, however, we’re going to talk about the Intego Internet Security Barrier X5 Dual Protection product.

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Review – mStand

Using your MacBook or MacBook Pro and getting tired because it’s sitting on your desk and it just doesn’t feel right? Check out Rain Design’s mStand for laptops with Russ….

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The Flip Alternative – The Battle for Value

The Pure Digital Flip Mino is an affordable, highly portable, easy to use, and no frills video camera for the masses. Indeed, The Flip is not without its limitations or detractors. Are their some alternatives for the lateral thinkers who want and or need a smart solution for their budget portable video needs? The answer may surprise you.

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