CleanApp 3 – Review

CleanApp 3
Company: Synium Software

Price: $13

Want to recover valuable hard drive space on your computer? CleanApp 3 is the program you want to check out.

CleanApp recovers hard drive space by searching for and deleting unneeded files on your computer. It will search for foreign language packages (a huge drive hog), old files that you may not even know you have anymore, preference panes and widgets, caches, and applications. Once it finds them you can choose to delete those files from your computer.

Another feature is that it will (when turned on) log any installations on your computer and track where files are placed. If you want to uninstall an application, use CleanApp 3 and it will not only delete the application, but all associated files with it. Maybe you want to delete the application with the Trash can. CleanApp will ask you if you want to delete associated files when you drag the icon to the trash.

What if you want to delete an application but might want it back, or aren’t sure if you really need it but need hard drive space. If you delete it through CleanApp you can archive the application for later recovery. You can even delete parts of an application that are taking up space, but may not be needed by the system (I would only suggest this if you know what you are doing).

Some of the processes can take a long time (depending on how many files are on your computer), but it is worth that time. However, while running a process like deleting language packages the program constantly needs your admin password. Therefore, it is not something you can run, walk away, and come back and it is finished. This is my one complaint about the program. Why can’t you enter the password once, and be done?

Password complaint aside, for $13 CleanApp is a steal for the amount of hard drive space you can recover. rating: 4.5 out of 5

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