Ice Storm, New Hampshire, December 2008

We weren’t the only people who lost power. Over 430,000 of our fellow New Hampshire neighbors lost power as well, some for up to 15 days. As of last Thursday (Christmas Day), there were still 1,000 people without power in our town…a full two weeks after the storm. We are a town of about 7,000.
To put some perspective around the enormity of this disaster, we only have 1.1 million people in the state, which means almost half lost power at the height of the storm.

I’ve posted some pictures from the storm below, and many more, plus some interesting weather information, are posted on my website:

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This is my street the next morning:

Looking up my street the other way:

Looking up the street one hour later:

Yes, trees continued to fall for most of the next day. Many people reported sounds like “gunfire” as the trees snapped and fell to the ground. Entire telephone poles were split in half. I was afraid to venture out because many branches and trees were still dropping after daybreak.

This is the only road in to, or out of, my neighborhood:

I used my chain saw to cut through this so we could get out of the neighborhood for supplies. Only to find our entire town dead. No stores, no gas, nothing.

The ice on the trees was spooky looking:

The ice was over 1/2″ thick on many branches:

There are many more pictures on my website:

Now we worry when the winds gust up here because trees are weak and many branches are just hanging. In fact, we lost power again for nine hours on Christmas morning.

Spring can’t come too soon….

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