Platypus – iPhone Game Review

Company: Astraware

Price: $4.99
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When I had the chance to try and review the iPod/iPhone game Platypus I jumped at it. I have lost many hours playing the Mac desktop version of the game.

If you are not familiar with the game it is a side scroller. You control a little spaceship flying through four worlds that increase in difficulty. Each world has five levels for a total of twenty levels. There are power-ups, bonuses, and bosses along the way, and each level gets harder as you go.

The coolest thing about Platypus is that all of the graphics are made from clay. This gives the game a very unique look.

So how does this new portable version stack up? Well, I like it. You can use your finger to control the ship or the accelerometer. I found the accelerometer is the way to go. My finger kept blocking my view.

The game itself is virtually identical to the Mac version. They levels and graphics are the same and you have a choice to play at three levels of difficulty.

One change is that your weapon is automatic and always shooting (you can turn it on and off). There is no need to constantly tap you finger.

A second difference, and my only negative about the game, is that it plays a lot slower than the desktop version. As a person used to the desktop version I found this version too slow for my liking. A new player to the game might not have an issue with this. However, the slow speed did help me get used to using the accelerometer.

Overall Platypus is a great game that will have you wondering where the day went. For $4.99 you will get hours of fun. I still haven’t beaten either version (iPod or desktop)! rating 4.5 out of 5

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