BusySync 2.0

Giving .Mac’s iCal synchronization a run for its money, the folks at BusyMac have created a viable alternative for group calendaring with their BusySync software. Version 2.0, just released, adds Google Calendar synchronization, providing users with even more options to share calendars both locally and across the Internet.

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MyMac Podcast 181 – CodeWeavers and Case-Mate

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Jeremy White, CEO and founder of CodeWeavers, drops by to chat about CrossOver Mac and CrossOver Games. Case-Mate is sponsoring a Contest this week! But you have to listen to the show to learn how to win. Pick your own prize! Plus, John Nemo, Lee Givens, Guy Serle, and Tim Robertson chat more about software bundle promotions, NBC on iTunes, Mac Clones, and much more.

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Links from the show:
Mac Clones
MacUpdate Promo
O’Reilly Big Book of Apple Hacks
Oakley O ROKR Bluetooth Sunglasses
iMunchies, iVegas & iBeer for iPhone

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The Digital Photography Companion – Review

Digital cameras are everywhere, in cell phones and even in pens. They’re relatively cheap. And obviously can be made very small. Along with the proliferation of these imaging devices comes a glut of how-to books on the subject, second only in how-to information for the computer and it’s relevant software. Photography has become the back-pocket art-form of millions of snappers.

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Targus 13.3″ radius Vertical Messenger – Review

So you’ve gotten yourself a brand new Mac laptop. It’s a great investment, and a great purchase for those of you who have just switched to a Mac, are on the go or just looking to change from a desktop. Now what you have to consider is how are going to get around with your Mac laptop.

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In-Ear iPhone Headset Earphone Review

Good news: whichever headset you obtain, your music and iPhone calls will be the highest quality audio. Both of these earbuds guarantee you the best performance in the price range.

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invisibleSHIELD for the Apple iPhone – Review

I tried to scratch the shield using my car keys, a steak knife and a pocket knife. The steak knife lightly pushed into the side of the shield left no marks. The pocket knife was able to leave permanent marks in the shield, but none that were visible unless caught by the light at the right angle. When I tried the pocket knife on a standard screen protector it sliced clean

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How to Improve Hulu

NBC Universal and News Corp. invested heavily in the new online video service Hulu in an attempt to take control of their digital media. NBC pulled their media from iTunes late last year fearing Apple’s continuing dominance in the content distribution space. But NBC is missing the point of digital media and Hulu will always fall short as a solution for digital distribution.

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Photoshop Elements 6 – Review

It has now been two years since Adobe last released a new version of Photoshop Elements for the Mac. The release PSE 6 at the end of March 2008, skipping an entire version number (5) marks the long awaited switch to an Intel-native version. So, did Adobe get it right?

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MyMac Podcast 180 – Stan Flack and Mac Clones

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The death of pioneer Macintosh publisher Stan Flack takes center stage this week. Also discussed, PsyStar, the company who purports to have a Mac clone for sale. Which of the two major software bundles is right for you, MacHeist or MacUpdate? Lee Givens joins Tim, Sam Levin, and Guy for a lively chat. Plus, Nemo chats with Karen Arabas on his All Over the Mac segment.

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Links from the show:
Stan Flack Interview and Discussion
MacUpdate Promotion
MacHeist Promotion
Wayback Machine
PsyStar Mac Clone

SRS Labs iWOW 2.0 for iTunes

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Iomega eGo 250 GB Portable Hard Drive, FireWire 400 – Review

Iomega’s new eGO line of portable hard drives comes in colors, and I mean colors. The review drive I’ve been using for a while is red, Red, RED! My techno-wife especially approved, as the red color matches her favorite toenail polish. If red’s not your fav shade, the Firewire-only eGO drives come in black and white, as well. If you crave more color choices, the USB versions come in a high fashion palette of red, black, blue, pink, and silver.

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STM Small Rogue Laptop Backpack – Review

Ok, you have your MacBook (or MacBook Air) and you want a laptop case to protect your investment. The problem is that you also want to be able to carry other items around with you besides your laptop. Looking for something comfortable, durable and yet still presents a good image, no matter whether you’re in jeans or a suit? Then take a run over to STM Bags and consider their Small Rogue backpack, designed for the MacBook or MacBook Air.

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Macspiration 110
Video Chatting for iSightless Macs for Under $100

Most Macs Apple sells these days comes with a built-in iSight camera and microphone to allow for easy video chatting through iChat. However, if you get a Mac Mini or a tower, or you have an older Mac, you won’t have a built in iSight. Don’t give up, video chatting is still possible for you by following some (or all) of the tips after the jump.

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