FootTrack – Review

FootTrack is a nifty application that does a task I didn’t realize needed doing: cataloging digital videotapes on your Mac.

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Mini Mac User

He didn’t think the computer was anything at all special. Many of his toys and games are interactive. I gave him LeapPad for Christmas and he knew exactly how to use it right out of the box…

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Last two days for Garage Band Loops Contest!

Tomorrow is the LAST DAY to send in your Garage Band Loops entry to the contest! So don’t delay, send them in today!

Check out the rules here, and come back next week to find out who won!

The winner will be chosen before February 28th, 2004, and will receive courtesy of Other World Computing an OWC Neptune 120GB external Firewire 400 hard drive.

“GarageBand is a registered trademark of, which is not affiliated with’s contest. If you’re looking for their ongoing song contest, visit

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…Mickey doesn’t seem that friendly anymore. Looks to me that Disney is toast too. With all the public in-fighting between Michael Eisner and Walt Disney’s nephew Roy, – and with the major split between Pixar and Disney, – and with the new hostile takeover bids by Comcast, Warner Brothers, et. al., – the image of the sweet harmless mouse is becoming tarnished, and a bit frayed around the edges. Childhood memories are fading fast.

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RetroPad USB NES Controller – Review and Interview

I was curious when I came across RetroZone, and its sole proprietor, Brian Parker. What RetroZone does is take the NES controller and convert it to USB, able to work with your Mac or PC with no software needed. Simply plug it in and play your games. For me, that meant I could play all my emulated NES games in RockNES using an original NES controller, rather than a keyboard or number pad.

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