Custom-built NASCAR USB Hub!

I enjoy building things, and ever since I first saw this, I wanted to build something along the same lines. My idea was to originally convert an Atari Joystick into a USB Hub. Then, while Christmas shopping in December, I noticed the die-cast; 1/16th NASCAR replicas, and thought that would make an even better USB Hub.

Here it is, a one-of-a-kind product. I converted the Kyle Petty #45 NASCAR Dodge into a four-port USB hub. The hub itself is in the back of the car, and works perfectly! I connected quite a few different USB devices to it, and it works without a problem. This is not a self-powered USB hub; it needs to draw power from a computer’s USB connection.

If you are interested in buying this, let me know. (PayPal accepted.) My wife likes it, but points out “Where on your cluttered desk are you going to put it?” She has a point. The idea was to see if I could build it, and keep it very nice looking. I think I did that. So why not sell it?

If you like this, and have a suggestion for another custom USB hub, let me know and I will build it for you!


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