The Garageband Loops Contest! 8 days left!

Ah, the sweet sound of music! That was the idea behind our GarageBand Loops contest. That and to give all those lucky people who have the software a reason to play with it, and have a little fun. Even better, by sending in your very own masterpieces, you have the chance to win an external 120GB FireWire hard drive from Other World Computing.

There have been a few bumps on the road along the way, and I want to thank both Larry O’Connor at Other World Computing, as well as Patrick R. Koppula, COO & President of and Ali Partovi, CEO,

Turns out that my idea, The GarageBand Contest, unknown and unintentional on my part, stepped on the toes of another contest, also titled GarageBand Contest over at After some long emails and phone conversations with the very polite Patrick and Ali, things were worked out to everyone’s satisfaction. I would like to publicly apologize to for our misstep in using their trademarked name. I would no more like to see a Contest somewhere than they did seeing our GarageBand contest.

One of the things that came out of this contest in my mind was just how much talent people have for music. I received request after request for permission to use vocals and external instruments in the contest submissions. Of course, the rules clearly state that only the loops in the stock shipping version of GarageBand would be allowed, but all the requests did tell me how many people are using this software to expand their musical compositions. If we do hold another contest, it will be much more open. (And have another name.)

There are only eight (8!) days left to submit your song, as the contest ends on February 21! So hurry up, get those submissions in today!

“GarageBand is a registered trademark of, which is not affiliated with’s contest. If you’re looking for their ongoing song contest, visit

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