Mobile – Review

New writer Sandro Cuccia, soon to be Podcasting star, takes the free iPhone app Mobile around the block for a spin. Worth the download? Is this the full Photoshop experience on the iPhone? For free? Read Sandro’s review to find out!

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ArtText 2 – Review

Do you want a cool logo for your business card? or a fancy button for your website? but can’t afford the high end programs like Photoshop or Illustrator to create them? or maybe you don’t have the skills to make one from scratch If so ArtText 2 by BeLight Software allows you to do just that for a lot less money

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Fluid Mask 3 – Review

The true sign of Photoshop trickery is the use of the selection tools to cut objects out of a photo, place them on a separate layer and then isolate them from the background. Recognizing this, Vertus offers Fluid Mask as a way for ordinary mortals to achieve professional results.

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Painter Essentials 4

Painter Essentials is to Painter what Photoshop Elements is to Photoshop. It is what I would call the “slimmed” down version of Painter, but still fully usable. Just like Painter, Essentials is a natural media painting program that allows the user to paint and draw on the computer with tools he/she might use in “real life.” Also, like Painter X (which I reviewed earlier this year), Painter Essentials 4 is packed with great new features.

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If you are a regular reader of Mac websites and a listener to different Mac podcasts, you’ve probably heard of Pixelmator. Pixelmator is a new image editing program by Saulius and Aidas Dailde – two brothers that make up the Pixelmator Team. I’ve had the opportunity to try out Pixelmator for a while now (I was allowed to try the beta version), and if you are looking for an inexpensive image editor, Pixelmator is worth a try.

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MyMac Podcast 130

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Robert looks at Adobe CS3, specifically Bridge and Photoshop. Tim, Chad, and Guy look into the latest news in the Mac world, and ask the question: if you were trapped on a desert island with one Mac, one productivity program, and one game, what would they be?

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MyMac Podcast #126
Katrin Eismann and Rick Stringer

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Robert Hazelrigg joins Tim, Chad, and Guy for our roundtable discussion on the weeks Mac and Apple news. He also reviews a processor upgrade for the original iMac and the Crumpler Bag. David Cohen spends time responding to listener feedback – dodging potential Microsoft detection of running Vista in a virtual machine, and getting Bonjour for Windows working effectively on an Airport network. Plus John Nemo interviews Katrin Eismann, the author of Real World Digital Photography.

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Links from the show:

crumplerbags (Super Annoying Website Warning)
Variant Frequencies Podcast
Katrin Eismann
Photoshop Restoration & Retouching
Adobe Events

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The Software of the MyMac Writers

Tim Robertson and I thought it would be fun and maybe even a little informative to build a table of the favorite software each MyMac writer uses. I sent out a query, and the tables below show the results for the authors who were available to respond.

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