The one without the big Guy – MyMac Podcast #463

On June 24, 2013, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast

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Guy is away and Gaz chats to Will Green from the British Mac about all sorts of Mac and of course non Mac related items. Do you know why its best not to eat reheated rice, no, no neither do we. We chat about why Apple should create products that are simplistic in their use, the Mac Pro (well briefly) and all the usual mad capped stuff.

What we didn’t see at WWDC
Are we back in love with Apple now?

Gaz’s App Pick: Less an app more a Mac App company
Will’s Picks: Mac – IOS
People’s Pick: Prismadrop.

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TechFan #122 – Mavericks

On June 14, 2013, in TechFan, by Tim Robertson

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Tim Robertson, David Cohen, and Owen Rubin discuss WWDC 2013, including Mac OS X Mavericks, iOS 7, the new MacBook Air’s, and of course the new Mac Pro. Also on tap is a look at the Epson XP-600, Mail problems on the Mac, and how much they hate printing technology.

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elemacWith the barrage of products Apple released at the end of 2012, we have to wonder what Tim Cook and company have in store for us for 2013. Let’s start with the most obvious.


We are sure to see at least one new iPhone sometime in 2013, but based on Apple’s recent history, we have to wonder when. Will it come in the fall as in the last two years? Or will it happen sooner, like maybe June or July like the early iPhones? Will this be the year Apple finally diversifies the iPhone lineup and release two or three iPhone variants?

Here are my thoughts.

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WWDC 2012 Keynote Recap

On June 20, 2012, in Features, by Darrin Waggoner

Apple kicked off last week’s annual developer conference with the company’s customary keynote address. Here is my take on the WWDC presentation’s content.

I think the majority of the Apple rumor crowd was caught off guard by the MacBook announcements. The consensus seemed to be that all MacBooks from the Air up to the 15″ MacBook Pro would be receiving Retina Displays.

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Wifi Safari
TechFan Podcast #81

On June 15, 2012, in TechFan, by Tim Robertson

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A huge week of Apple related happenings on both the Macintosh and iOS fronts. Tim and David discuss that, Vizio making a push into the computer market, and the possibility of the XPad!

TV Maker Vizio Launches First Laptops and All-in-One PCs
Microsoft to Build Its Own Windows 8 Tablet?

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To USB 3, or Not to USB 3. That is the question.
Part 2

On November 30, 2011, in Features, by Rich Lefko

To USB 3, or Not to USB 3. That is the question.

Part 2 (Read Part 1 )



Back in September, I decided to see if USB 3 was worth my time and money. I installed a USB 3 PCI card (CalDigit SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Card – $79.00 USD) in my Mac Pro and set out to take a look at drives that offered USB 3 as an interface option.

As you can see in this chart, USB 3 is advertised as being much faster than USB 2 or Firewire 800, but much slower than Thunderbolt.

I do have a Thunderbolt port on my new Macbook Air but there are no drives out there yet, and there may not be any Thunderbolt drives for a while with the flooding in Thailand. Listen to Techfan Podcast #55 for more information.

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In Like a Lion, Out Like an iPad
MyMac Podcast #339

On March 3, 2011, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast

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Habla Espanola? Never mind. The Gmen talk about some of details of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Guy praises for their great service regarding his Mac Pro. They dissect the newly released MacBook Pros and talk a bit about some new 2nd generation device that Apples seems to think is SOOOOO important. Some tablet thing or other. We still think it’s just a fad.

Contact info: Drop us a line and let us know you want to be on the show. Gaz and Guy on Twitter, and, or our Skype direct number 703-436-9501. Also go into iTunes and leave some feedback.

Twitter App for iOS

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Shiny New Toys!
MyMac Podcast #338

On February 24, 2011, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast

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Guy has his Mac Pro and through a Herculean effort has it ready for the podcast! Gaz has a new toy too and it’s making Guy drool. I wonder what it could be that would take his mind off his new (for him) Mac Pro?

All this fuss about Apple’s policy toward subscriptions gets tossed around a bit and they snipe (with love natch) at Google. Lastly, can an iPhone and iPad take the place of a whole bunch of other gear that someone might bring to say…the Macworld Expo? We’ve got most of a year to figure it out.

Contact info: Want to be on the show as a listener invite? It’s MUCH easier than a WalMart return line after Christmas!! Drop us a line and let us know you want to be on the show. Gaz and Guy on Twitter,, or our Skype direct number 703-436-9501. Also go into iTunes and leave some feedback.

Rise of Atlantis
In-N-Out Burger App

Cool New Mac Gear!

On July 27, 2010, in Features, News, by News

Apple announced some new gear today: new iMac models, new Mac Pro’s, and something really different, the Magic Trackpad. What do you think? Anything you want? Anything you don’t like? Does the Magic Trackpad interest you? Share your thoughts!

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