ZTE Axon 7 – Review

The mobile market seems to become more saturated with high-end devices with each passing year, and 2016 looks to be no different. We’ve already

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Win a FREE Hard Drive on Twitter! – Update!

With all the software, photos, music, and videos we seem to need every day on our Macintosh computers, we all need more hard drive space! Here is your chance to win a 320GB miniG Firewire Hard Drive! Update 9-22-09 First Winner – Phil Paxman! Updated 9-29-09 Second Winner Ben Avery! Updated 10-6-09 Third week Winner Cindy Hickman! And our LAST winner, updated on 10-13-09, is John Darrow!

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Paris Mac Expo – Unwired

What does a parrot have to do with Apple, Macs and the iPod or iPhone? The colors of the original Apple logotype? Well, I’d say it’s more likely the manufacturer’s claim of enabling you to "Move Wireless" – they heavily bet on Bluetooth and WiFi, and NFC (Near Field Communication) and more connectivity options are closer than on the horizon.

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Paris Mac Expo – What’s this Noise?

Mr. Paris returns with more photos and stuff to chat about from the expo! Like on most of the Apple- and Mac-related shows in recent years, audio and video take up a growing proportion of the show floor: professional production hardware and software, service providers and accessories demonstrate that Apple has conquered the desktop A/V market just like it practically invented the DTP industry since 1984

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Paris Mac Expo – ACRUSH and Nike+

What does ACRUSH and Nike+ have in common? Being featured by Mr. Paris here on MyMac.com at the Paris Mac Expo, of course! Check out the article and pictures from the show today!

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Weekend Archive – Apple, it

Over three years ago, Bruce Black was calling for a multi-button Apple supplied mouse. This article could have been written today!

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The Complete Chris Seibold Collection

There was a time, not long ago, that Chris Seibold was known for his cartoon work as well as his writing. Where, or where, has the funny gone, Chris? Presented here for the first time is the complete collection (downloadable in PDF format) ebook of all his work. It’s free, it’s funny, and it is worth the download! Click here to download. (6.8MB – 142 pages)

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MyMac Podcast #101
Adam Raimer

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The latest happenings in the Mac world are covered, as well as a great interview with Adam Raimer of Madtown Aces Audio Productions. Who is Adam? He is actually heard on our podcast every week, and has been a part of the show for over 18 months. Check out the interview for more information.

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