Taking iWeb 08 even further – Part 7

Guy Serle returns with part seven of his iWeb series, this week looking at creating a new blog on your .Mac account. Read one of the only continuing internet columns about taking iWeb further than you would believe.

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Ubercaster is very different from GarageBand in one important way. The program does many of the things needed to do in GarageBand in post-production all within Ubercaster’s workflow BEFORE you begin recording. It has a unique layout that is reminiscent of most good Mac software, drag and drop. There are four layers to the program and each is well structured for making podcasts.

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How We Record Our Weekly Podcast

I get quite a bit of email about our weekly podcast and one of the most recent question that listeners have been asking is a technical one: “How do you get your conversations with other people to sound like they’re actually in the same room with you?” Rather than send the same explanation to each person every time I get one of these emails, I thought it would be easier to just write an article and explain how we do it.

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MyMac.com PodCast for 4-14-05 – Episode #18

Download the April 14 2005 MP3 show HERE
File size 16.25MB 32 minutes in length

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Updated Contest information. Be sure to send any and all contest entries to contest@mymac.com

Chad and Tim talk a lot about Tiger on this weeks show. Plus, a brand new Not Mac News by Chris Seibold

Be sure to check out The Roadhouse Blues PodCast here for your chance to win a Newer Technology RoadTrip! FM transmitter, thanks to MacSales.com.

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PodCast 3-31-05 with Tim and Chad – Episode #15

Download the March 31, 2005 MyMac.com PodCast HERE.
32:18 Minutes 17MB in size

We adjusted our sound levels and EQ settings. We think this sounds much better, but let us know what you think!

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On today’s show, we go over some of the latest content online at MyMac.com, and share our “wish list” for future Apple products. Do you have a program or hardware item you would like Apple to create? If so, let us know and we will share your wish list on a future PodCast.

Also this week, Chris Seibold’s Not Mac News! Yeah, baby!

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