MyMac Podcast 649: Hackables

The Turkish Crime Family have threatened the GMen! Yes, us and 559 million of our closest friends! Well, to be honest they have no idea who we are and we have no idea who they are. Apple knows though and iCloud users are being threatened with the destruction of their data if Apple doesn’t pay up! It’s all kinda Keystone Cop-like except this time the Keystoners are the criminals. Also, Guy MIGHT be right about something! Yeah, the GMen can’t believe it either.

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Softorino’s WALT2 App


Guy’s Pick: Spreaker Studio app. Not only can you use it to upload to their service, you can also use it as a stand along podcast creator with built in effects and sound carts.When you’re finished, just hit export!

Gaz’s Pick/Tip: This is a real cheat but I’m picking the pre order of Rogue One through iTunes, why am I picking that, because and I hang my head in shame I haven’t seen it yet!

People’s (TIP): Serenak Assassin are giving away a great collection of watercolor design assets (aka clip art) worth $168 in addition to their usual weekly giveaway… and their companion site font bundles who give away a font a week. Well worth taking if you are remotely interested in such stuff

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