Brazil – Pocket Sized Podcast Episode 2

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Welcome to episode 2 of the Pocket Sized Podcast about iOS devices. Open Source Legend Peter Nikolaidis of the Fresh Ubuntu podcast joins me in this interview episode to talk about his adventures with his iPhone in Brazil.

The format I established in episode 1 with App Folder and Pocket Sized rant will return next episode.


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2 thoughts on “Brazil – Pocket Sized Podcast Episode 2

  1. Just listening to the start of this weeks podcast and I just wanted to mention that the iPhone in the UK can be purchased ‘legally’ unlocked, by that I mean that you can walk into an Apple store and by an iPhone and use it with any network.
    It was about just over a year ago when the Carriers increased and the previous sole carrier then charged a small amount to unlock your iPhone.
    I have purchased 2 iPhone 3G’s for my daughters both second hand both totally unlocked, an i am looking at buying an iPhone 4 for myself, and I would certainly not get a device that was locked to a carrier.
    But normally the device is locked to carriers in most other countries I believe.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. Gaz, thanks for the comments and the encouragement. I had forgotten about that, although I know that I had heard about it on at least one podcast. This whole idea of locking a device to a carrier kind of galls me. I look at it the same as the limited options in any given area for internet providers and telephone service, although we haven’t had a landline in probably 8 years.

    What does it cost to get an unlocked iPhone vs a carrier locked one?

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