It’s Not Happening Yet

The death of Steve Jobs did more than rob the tech industry of a visionary. It also robbed some people of confidence in Apple

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Mac the Shutterbug

Digital photography has revolutionized the photography industry. I remember when, for most people, learning about photography primarily centered on learning the craft up to

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MyMac Podcast #124
Bakari and Ted Padova

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Bakari joins the show this week to chat with Guy, Tim, and Chad about Apple’s Aperture and Adobe’s LightRoom. DRM-Free iTunes music is also a big topic. Nemo interviews author Ted Padova on his new Adobe Acrobat 8 PDF Bible. And finally, Robert looks at three products, including LX Triple Display Lift Stand, the QuickCam Ultra Vision, and the IChatUSBCam

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Links from the show:
Ted Padova
Adobe Acrobat User Community
Adobe Acrobat 8 PDF Bible
LX Triple Display Lift Stand
QuickCam Ultra Vision

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Three Aperture Books Reviewed

Any of the three books under review will effectively get you into and through Aperture. The first hurdle to understanding this massive program is understanding it’s structure and management tools. Aperture is about photo management for heavy digital photography shooters. Here are three books that may help you get the most from the application.

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From iPhoto to Aperture

I’ve been an avid fan of iPhoto since it was first introduced about five years ago. Of course the revolution in digital photography inspired me to take videography and photography to a professional level, but having an effective way to organize and edit my photos was equally inspiring.

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