First Look – Aluminum Unibody 15” MacBook Pro

Before I start with my critique, let me give you a little background. I’m a graphic professional that also provides IT help desk support for a large publishing company. I bought this Mac with the specific task of providing tech support and general surfing. When it comes do doing design work I’m still a desktop kind of guy. That said, this is not my first portable Mac. Prior to this 15” MacBook Pro I’ve been a proud owner of  two 12” iBooks. The reason for the timing for this new purchase is because my last iBook didn’t survive the return flight from Anaheim, California last month.

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Kevin O’Neil’s Imagine Poker
Review and Interview

If you’re interested in playing a game of poker anytime you want, then mosey on over to and check out Kevin O’Neil’s Imagine Poker.

To longtime My Mac readers, the name O’Neil may ring a bell. That’s because Kevin’s dad was Mick O’Neil, a writer from 1997 until his untimely passing in 2001.

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