1More Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones MK802 – Review

Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones MK802 - User Report Review
 $150 U.S. Available in red or blue. MK802 also has a provided cable with controls and a microphone for non-Bluetooth use.
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1More MK802 headphones achieve the impossible. Excellent sound both with cable and wireless Bluetooth. Great low price. Solid and stylish build. Comfortable ear pads. Three position bass control. Overall best value and audio for over-ear headphones. Strongest recommendation.

I have tested a lot of headphones. MK802 from 1More are now my overall favorites. Their sound is bright and accurate at all listening levels. Bass is powerful when desired or neutral to minimal using the remarkable three position switch. Passive noise isolation works to block almost all ambient external sound, even on an airplane.
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Our listening panel was awed by MK802’s design and performance. They were incredulous at the affordable price and were stunned by the equal wired/Bluetooth sonic delivery. The bass switch was the clincher. I could have sold an MK802 after each blind test.
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The solid and comfy headband and earpieces rotate and slide for maximum head size and positioning. Stunning blue and red colors are available. Battery charging is efficient. Cable and earpiece controls are sensibly located. Microphone phone and Skype/FaceTime calls sound fine. The ear cups have a snug fit at first that relaxes with ongoing listening.
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One more time, 1More gives music lovers one more reason not to pay one more dollar for the best headphones at the best price.
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MyMac awards 1More’s BT802 a rare perfect 10 out of 10 review rating.
Note: We hope to have our audiophile review of these headphones posted in September. Watch this space!

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