Spotlight: Peter Maurer and Rob Griffiths

Who are the people behind the technology that we love so much? We know the products, the websites, the online personalities but we want to learn more! 

Every week here at, we will spotlight a company, developer or person that supports Apple users by creating solutions or entertainment for the Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and other platforms we all use and love by asking them to answer seven questions.

This week, we turn our attention to Peter Maurer and Rob Griffiths of Many Tricks

This is the first Spotlight in which we feature two people in one article, so first up is Peter Maurer!

1 – How did you get your start in technology?

In terms of creating something, rather than just consume or play, it all started with my first own computer, which was also the first computer in our household. It was an Atari 1040STFM, and it came with Omikron BASIC. There was a manual, and most of it went way over my 14-year-old head. But the idea of telling a machine to do something fascinated me, so I kept trying, then gave up for a few weeks or months, then tried again. Come to think of it, my approach to programming hasn’t changed a lot since those days.

2 – What is your favorite computer of all time?

I love my Power Mac G4 Cube. The Cube just might be one of the most underrated computers, because people tend to judge it based on its economic success, or lack thereof. Its effect on Apple’s (and thus, the entire industry’s) hardware and software design lasts to this day, though, and it was a pretty powerful machine when it was new.

3 – What was your first job?

When I was in med school, I’d sometimes spend a few weeks getting someone else’s neuroscience-related project to work for local research groups.

4 – What advice would you give to younger people just getting into technology?

When your mom tells you to switch off that device, switch it off. Your mental and physical health will thank you later. And if you end up with a career similar to mine for some reason, you might find that the really hard programming problems are more likly to be solved while you’re hiking through the woods, rather than staring at a screen.

6 – Who was your inspiration?

When I was a kid, there was this girl I tried to impress with my programming skills. It didn’t work.


And now, Rob Griffiths!

1 – How did you get your start in technology?

I was always interested in it; I remember using punched paper tape to write BASIC programs back in middle school. It really took off, though, when my dad brought home a Commodore PET, followed shortly thereafter by an Apple ][.

2 – What is your favorite computer of all time?

Well, I really liked the PDP-10 at MIT’s MDL that introduced me to both online networking and the world of Zork. But if you’re talking about machines I’ve personally used, I really liked the “cheese grater” Mac Pros. Easily opened, easily expanded and upgraded, tons of speed for the time, and (mine, at least) was rock-solid reliable.

3 – Tell us about your latest product

Our work is at Our most-recent release is a little utility called Resolutionator that lets you easily change a display’s resolution, even (in some cases) using more pixels than the display has available. Soon to be released is a major upgrade to Leech, our download manager.

4 – What was your first job?

Very first job? Delivering newspapers via bike back in Colorado. First real job after college was working for IBM in New York, for the plant that created their mainframe computers.

5 – What advice would you give to younger people just getting into technology?

While education is important, so is pure exploration time. Spend time using the technology that interests you, trying to see how it works. Don’t get discouraged by failure, and try to find a way to turn your passion in technology into a career. My personal version of that is a transition from a Finance and Planning corporate type into a web site operator and writer for Macworld, then into my current role at Many Tricks.

6 – Who was your inspiration?

Honestly, I’m not sure I have an actual inspiration I can point to; I always respected my father and the way he went about his job, and my mother for her ability to keep control of a home with three boys. But I don’t have a business or tech mentor that I’ve really looked up to to try and emulate. 

7 – Where can people follow you online, and what is your website?

Our company is on the web, and on twitter as @manytricks. Personally, you can follow us on Twitter as individuals (@rgriff and @petermaurer); Rob also maintains a personal blog, and occasionally writes for Macworld.


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