3 thoughts on “TechFan 240 – You Don’t Know Jack

  1. Thanks for the shout out guys. Yes, I am doing better, mostly. I start physical therapy on Monday to get “range of motion” back in my arm. After so much time bent, it no longer goes straight. And now I fight some nerve damage, which makes my arm feel like it is on fire at times. Never a dull moment.

    Next time, a nose job! 🙂

  2. On the Apple ID / password thing, I agree, it is annoying. But I believe this happens because each app and service that needs it is required to store their own credentials for the Apple servcie connection. There is no shared data here remember. So each app and each service that uses an Apple service that requires an ID and password has to ask for it. Normally, these are spread out over time as you add an app that needs it. But when you reset the phone and then restore all your apps, they all need to get permission again.

    I believe a service that would let you do this once would have serious security issues. How would the device know to trust an app? The app is still going to need to ask the system for permission to get credentials to Apple services, and you still want a password required there.

    Not sure I see a way to correct this without compromising security.

  3. Ok, sitting here yelling at my computer as you two talk! 🙂

    Just an FYI: Chrome, if logged in to your Google account, syncs browsing nicely across devices. Just saying….

    And thanks for the update on Safari. I just quit using it that day. Glad to know it was not my crappy network.

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