Can you post from an iPad?


So a question I get often is this: can you post to a website that uses WordPress on your iPad? Well, this post, along with this older picture of my youngest daughter Brooke (who is eight years old now) was done from my iPad. So you tell me?


2 thoughts on “Can you post from an iPad?

  1. Tim,

    The WordPress app for iOS has been updated recently with greatly expanded posting capabilities.

    In addition, there’s another great app (well, I like it, anyway) that’s great for blogging on the iPad to WordPress and other blog types called Blogsy.

    It’s got quite a bit of functionality built in, and so far, I’ve found it to be a very capable blogging tool, more so than the WordPress app. However, the wordpress app is free, and Blogsy is something like $7.

    Either way, it’s not impossible to blog from the iPad. And not even, as someone from a favorite movie was known to say, INCONCEIVABLE!

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