The Past and Present World of Video Games
TechFan #11

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Tim Robertson and David Cohen discuss interactive gaming. Okay, video games, sheesh! From two guys who grew up on video games, we look at where the technology was at in our childhood, the rise and fall of the arcade, the coming of the home gaming market, how Apple and iOS is changing the way we find and consume games, and what the future may hold.

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One thought on “The Past and Present World of Video Games
TechFan #11

  1. Still listening, interesting topic. Also agree that things have stagnated a bit, and yes, there’s a way to go to finding the best means of controlling touch screen games. But I think it has forced programmers to come up with novel concepts that are fun and suit the touchscreen, which means in some ways the iOS games are more innovative than PC and console games, even if they aren’t always superbly executed.

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