Where Have All the Epsons Gone?

Apple retail stores no longer sell or promote Epson printers, from my personal observation. Instead, HP and Canon are stocked. This change took place in May, I think, and was a wise, quiet decision by Apple. Read the article HERE.

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Ending spam by Jonathan A. Zdziarski
Book Review

Johnathan does a good job of bringing highly technical concepts down to earth, and there’s lots that lay-people can learn about spam and anti-spam from the book. But the book has far more heft than its measly 287 pages would lead you to believe. Read the full review here.

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MyMac Podcast

MyMac Podcast 40
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This week, we reveal the winner of our Adobe Creative Suite Professional 2 contest. Many thanks to Adobe Systems Inc. for sponsoring this contest.

We go into the latest happenings in the Macworld thanks to our news partners at MacMinute.com to start the show off.

Tim goes into detail about his new car audio system and how he connects his iPod. No more FM Transmitters for Tim!

Want to make your own DVD Extras disc? Tim goes into detail on how he made just such a thing for movies not even out, the new King King and Superman Returns movie. Wha? Hey, listen to the Podcast for all the details!

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iPod and the Price of Success

It’s the killer combination of iTunes and the iPod that makes Apple number one throughout most of the world. You want an FM radio with your music player? Go buy a Creative Zen or any of the competing products. Most people have voted with their wallets and Apple has the best overall solution.

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Miglia AlchemyTV/ DVR

Watch TV or a PS2 or XBOX on your Mac? Schedule a weekly recording? Record your favorite show and burn it to DVD? All that and more can be done with the AlchemyTV/DVR. Read the review here.

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MyMac Podcast

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This podcast is sponsored by

Last week to enter the Adobe CS2 contest! This is your chance to win the $1,299 premier graphics suite in the world. All it takes is listening to this or last week’s show and following a few simple instructions. All entries should be emailed to contest@mymac.com. One entry per person, please.

This week, Tim and Chad do a live review of Pzizz, the Power Napping Software. Seriously! Of course, if the software really works, Tim and Chad may just end up falling asleep during the show.

Also, we look at the fiasco of the The Henrico County school system $50 Apple iBook sale.

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Photo to Movie

Want to take your slideshow to the next level beyond iPhoto? Read David Weeks review of Photo to Movie by LQ Graphics, Inc and find out if this is the application you have been waiting for.

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Logitech USB Headset 350

Logitech is trying to do a lot of different things with this headset and on the whole it works nicely. If you want to use them in a telephony environment, you might find them a bit heavy for long-term use. Using it for Podcasting or recording audio works well in a single-user mode.

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MyMac Podcast

You can download the MP3 audio file from THIS link, or tune to our iTunes Music Store listing and subscribe to get each weekly edition of the show downloaded to your computer, and automatically updated on your iPod.

Huge contest news! Working with Adobe System Incorporated, MyMac.com is proud to announce our latest contest: your chance to win a copy of Adobe Creative Suite 2 (CS2), a retail value of $1,299! This is an unheard of chance to win THE premier software package! Don’t miss this chance, download our latest edition of the podcast today!

Tim and Chad look at a bit of Adobe Photoshop history, the big new features, and recap the story of the creation of Adobe Photoshop. The Derrick Story article we read from can be found online at this URL.

News from MacMinute.com

Chris Seibold returns with the Not Mac News segment.

The Dashboard Minute by Guy Serle looks at a few new Dashboard Widgets.

Links for the Dashboard Minute:
Unity Software
Bedrock Biorhythms
Aviation Weather

This podcast is sponsored by:
RamJet.com’s 1GB RAM deal
Adobe Creative Suite 2

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Macintosh Paradise in Boise, Idaho?

For vacation, some people go to the beach, some go to the mountains, Europe, or the islands of the Caribbean. Guy finds Apple resellers worth visiting. Check out his write up of MacLife, a fantastic Apple reseller in Boise, Idaho.

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