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MyMac Podcast 32
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This week, a television crew from the CBS affiliate WWMT came out and filmed Tim and Chad for a story on Podcasting. Check out WWMT here, and once the newscast is on the air, we will be sure to link to the segment about the MyMac Podcast. Come back later tonight for that link.

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Promo of the week: Mr. Nice Guy. Please check out the podcast Tim listens to the most.

Contest This Week
Want a chance to win some very cool gear from Griffin Technologies? Here is your chance. Listen to this weeks podcast, answer one of the two questions, and submit your answer to What are we giving away?

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These are very cool products, and here is your chance to score some free stuff!

This weeks feature, Walking in a Widget Wonderland. We take a look at eight new Dashboard Widgets.

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What do you get when you have a company, Sonance, renowned for its in-wall speakers and they create a solution for playing your iPod in your house? The in-wall iPort, a device that will literally challenge you in how you use your iPod.

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MyMac Podcast

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This week, while Chad is on holiday camping out in the great wilderness and working on a top-secret Apple project (see Chris Seibold’s Not Mac News in the show for more details) Tim heads to Kalamazoo to record the show with regular guest Tad Scheeler as co-host.

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We have a winner in our XtremeMac contest! Who won? You have to download and listen to the show to find out.

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Call is a yearly tradition, but this is the week I post something on Rodney Lain. Rather the write something new, simply follow this link to see last years post, and feel free to contribute to the discussion below that article.

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MyMac Podcast

A few days late, but MyMac Podcast 30 is online and can be downloaded here in MP3 format. This show is an hour long, hope you don’t mind. Time flies when you are having fun, as we did recording this weeks show.

This week, we talk about why we are three days late recording the Podcast. It is all good, Tim just had an important job to finish before he could make the long trek to the recording studio to meet up with Chad and record this week. But next week, look for the Podcast to be early.

Our feature this week and our contest is one and the same. We look at the bib box of goodies sent to from XtremeMac. They sent us the new iPod Shuffle gear, which includes AirPlay, SportWrap, SuperHook, TuffWrapz, Bumperz, Shieldz, Audio Kit for iPod shuffle, and the SuperClip. Listen to the show as Chad and Tim check out and talk about all this gear, and then enter the contest and win one of those items! Send all contest entries to

This show is sponsored by Can you believe it? Small Dog is ten years old, the same age as! Hey, that makes us both 70 years old in dog years! To celebrate their ten years of serving the Mac community, Small Dog is giving away ten iPod Shuffles. Click here for your chance to win. Welcome our latest sponsor, Ramjet. Did you know you can pick up a 1GB memory chip for a Mac mini for only $125? Check it out here., the offical news source for the MyMac Podcast. Click the link, read it, bookmark it, and check them out often!

We played the promo from PodQuiz this week. Check them out here.

Also this week, Not Mac News with Chris Seibold!

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Laptop Legs and Mac Feet

I own a newer PowerBook. And as anyone who owns a newer PowerBook (or any newer laptop) knows by now, it gets very HOT! Enter Laptop Legs and Mac Feet from LapWorks to solve the problem. When I first saw this product, I said, “No way, I’m not sticking those things to the bottom of my PowerBook.” But once again, after having my PowerBook get so warm I could not longer type on it, I decided to give them a try, and I am happy I did.

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Wine Collector 1.0

Bar code scanning technology is no longer limited to commercial applications. Intelli Innovations is a North Carolina software firm that produces bar code scanners and bundled software applications for consumers.

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Macintosh Atari 2600 Mac DVD For Sale only $13!

Do you enjoy the MyMac PodCast? Then check out Tim and Chad, the hosts of our weekly PodCast, in this DVD in which they take an Atari VCS 2600 and turn it into a modern day Macintosh!

Full screen DVD edition (read: GREAT quality!) of the MacMOD! Only $10! Click here for more info!

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SecuriKey Professional Edition

I had a near-death experience a few weeks ago. I left my PowerBook in my hotel room. When I opened my laptop bag at the airport to go through screening, I stared at an empty bag. My heart stopped.

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Apple and Intel, What Does It Really Mean?

The fact that Apple is moving to Intel chips has certainly raised a lot of questions and noise. It is an interesting change for Apple to be sure. And who would have guessed that as Apple moves to Intel Inside, Microsoft is moving to PowerPC? The new Xbox will be PPC, and if I read Microsoft’s rumblings correctly, so may some PCs be soon too.

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