iPed Shuffle

iPed Shuffle
Company: Thought Out

Price: $17.99


Being new to the iPod game, I decided to start off with the 1 gig Shuffle. Now when I went to charge it, I wound up plugging it into the back of my G4 which resulted in me losing an open USB port. Not the way to go for most users, for sure.

Into the picture comes Thought Out’s iPed Shuffle, providing iPod Shuffle users with an alternative to having to become a contortionist to plug their Shuffle into the back of their Mac. Constructed of 11 gauge formed Alloy Steel, the iPed Shuffle is simplicity in design. White, of course, to match the Shuffle, the iPed Shuffle presents a very nice image when sitting on your desk awaiting your Shuffle.

With a rubber pad on the bottom of the iPed, it sits where it’s placed and does not present any tip over problems. Solid and substantial, it also provides users with the capability of now having an attractive USB port that is easily accessible sitting right there on your desk. I took my digital camera and plugged the USB cable right into the iPed and away I went, downloading my pics right into iPhoto. The one qualm that I did have was the length of the cable itself, which if your Mac is sitting below your desk may limit where you place your iPed. The nice thing is that the iPed works great when plugged into my Belkin powered USB hub sitting on my desktop so I was still able to move it around on the desktop and not be restricted. Thought Out does advise that extensions are available if a user does need a longer cable.

The cable length issue aside, being just a minor item, the iPed Shuffle is worth the price. It does what it is supposed to do, plus it provides the user with an auxiliary USB port on the desktop, and looks well doing it.

MyMac rating: 4 out of 5

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