The Pepsi – iTunes Debacle

Remember all the excitement back in January? Apple sites were abuzz with the semi official rumors of a killer promotion involving Pepsi, the ultimate promotion company. The deal was going to become a competition killer. All the lesser online music vendors were going to be over run by the tsunami-size wave of teenagers rushing to purchase Pepsi bottles. Well, a funny thing happened of the way to glory, the promotion fizzled for a lack of carbonation.

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Macs at Work Interview – Melissa Ulto

In the past several years, I’ve interviewed teachers, poets, cartoonists, Mac evangelists, software developers, singers/composers, military advisors, reporters and people in various different lines of work. The one thing in common for all of them was their love of their Mac.

Today’s interview is no different. The line of work is something new and different, but again, the love of the Mac is still there. Now I’m familiar with DJ’s but VJ’s… that’s a new one on me. So sit back, relax; put your feet up as I get up close with Melissa Ulto, VJ….

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Apple’s Cash Cow Is Dying

What does this mean for Apple Computers? Eventually they will be a software company instead of a hardware/software company (except perhaps for Servers). Right now, their cash cow is in their most excellent and world-class hardware. But the time will come when selling their venerable and legendary OS X and media software suites (in their latest versions) will be critical to their bottom line.

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