Create a Media Browser Using Automator

If you haven’t noticed yet, each of Apple’s main creative suite applications including iMovie, iDVD, Address Book, Keynote, Pages, Numbers, and now, Mail’s Stationery feature, includes a photo browser whereby you can access photos stored and managed in your iPhoto and Aperture libraries.

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MyMac Podcast 140
New iMac, iLife, iWork, and Bruce Gee

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A long show this week as the guys look at all the latest iMacs, iLife 08, and iWork 08. The big news is the changes to iMovie, and the complete lack of third party support for iMovie plug-ins. As such, we chat with the biggest name in iMovie plug-ins, Bruce Gee of Also, who is David Cowan, and what did he say to get Tim so mad at him? Listen to the show to find out.

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Links from the show:
A list of David Cowan (Lied on NPR) links that Guy found here.

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