MyMac Podcast 664: Socked in the Jawbone

For one week, Gaz and Guy are recording together. Next week, not so much but Guy will be at Macstock so he’ll probably be able to find someone to record with. In the center section it will be the 2nd part of the Stephen Tobolowsky interview! Lastly, Jawbone joins Fitbit in the rubbish bin of smart wearables. Instead what’s left of the company will focus on medical software and hardware, a segment that Apple doesn’t compete in…(gales of laughter)

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Stephen Tobolowsky’s main web site

The Tobolowsky Files podcast in iTunes

Softorino’s WALT2 App


Pixelmator find out more at


Guy’s Pick: Acorn by Flying Meat Software on the Mac App Store. $29.99. I use it all the time for the shows graphics. Easy to use, lots of layers so woo!

Gaz’s Pick/Tip: Saw daughter using iMovie on her iPad mini on holiday she did a great shop using the App so I thought I pick it.

People’s (TIP): We like turtles

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