Geeks Pub – Childhood Favorite Toys

From Merlin to StarBird Space Avenger, Tim and David talk about their favorite childhood toys. We would also love to hear what yours was for a future episode!

StarBird Space Avenger
Donkey Kong
Shogun Godzilla
Super Flight Deck
Mego Batman Batcave
Millennium Falcon

One thought on “Geeks Pub – Childhood Favorite Toys

  1. This is a toy that will probably mean more to David than to Tim. My father traveled a lot from South Florida to the Bahamas for business when I was a small boy and would nearly always bring me back some toy that he saw while there. One of these was a metal die-cast model from Corgi Toys from the Gerry Anderson Super Marionette puppet show called Supercar and was the aforementioned Supercar. For whatever reason, it became my favorite toy and I carried it with me everywhere. When I was 5 years old for reasons too long to go into for this comment, I spent two weeks in the hospital. Naturally while spending such a long time there, I HAD to have my Supercar. None of us realized it was hospital policy for any toys brought into the hospital, they had to be left for other children that may not of had any. I was heartbroken that I had to leave my favorite toy behind and was not able to get another one until 45+ years later, my brother Larry found one on eBay (it was a Johny Lightning branded toy, sort of like Hot Wheels) and sent it to me.

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