MyMac Podcast 743: Analysts…FIGHT!

The GMen are not overly fond of analysts and all their blather, so when two directly contradict each other, it cause for a case of the giggles…or sniffles in Guy’s case. Guy also keeps hearing about ARM-based Macs and Gaz keeps poking him for reactions!

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Guy’s Pick: Going to use the next few shows to talk about my mobile podcasting set up as far as what I use. This time, it’s a tale of two mics, but the one I’ll recommend is the Sennheiser e835 dynamic mic. It’s about $100 from Amazon. It’s a dynamic mic (means unpowered) with a cardioid pickup (tightly focused for sound pickup) and a frequency response of 40-16KHz. Needs a lot of clean gain as most dynamic mics go but it’s great at background noise rejection.

Gaz’s Pick: Whats not to like VLC, MacParrot on TwitterGaz@mymac.comGazMaz on Twitter/ GuyandGaz on Twitter/

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