Essential Apple Podcast 33: And… We Had Some Post.

Another week and the podcasting juggernaut rolls onward. This week we talk about live streaming from your Mac to places like Twitch or YouTube. Samsung and their quality assurance advert, the House of Lords saying households deserve a minimum 30Mbps broadband, oh and we had some post…

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On this week’s show:

Something cool came in the post today from our friends at If you’re fed up with Skype grinding your Mac to a slow death, value your privacy and just want a great messenger for IM, voice or video (including group audio calls) then why not use Wire?

This week I have mainly been dealing with:

Yet more AirPod stress. Am I the only person in the world with this issue?
Interestingly, if you change your AirPod from ‘auto microphone’ and set one as the “master” then put that AirPod on charge and then use “Hey Siri” to (for example) call someone Siri comes back with “Are you sure you want to call that person?” The iPhone will then make the ‘ding dong’ waiting for a response sound, but you can’t respond because the “master” microphone is charging and your iPhone/Siri don’t realise that!

Live streaming with MimoLive. Finally a great platform for live streaming. Lots of things to play with, almost like a full studio. However it’s not cheap. Now with a monthly model £15/$19 per month, £159/$199 yearly, £329/$399 for three years.

Some other alternatives are:

Rogue Amoeba Loopback – Cable-Free Audio Routing: you NEED this to capture your mac’s audio.

Simon had some Sierra Beta 3 install woes. Night shift mode. Siri knows about cricket scores and stats.

Simon learned a bit of Audacity.

Nemo’s Hardware Store:

  • LAUT Nomad Lightning Charging Cable – $19.99
  • LAUT Huex Elements iPhone Case – $24.99 / £15.99 Amazon
  • LAUT Lume Transparent iPhone Case – $19.99 / £16.13 Amazon
  • LAUT Exo Frame iPhone Case – $29.99 / £30.00 Amazon
  • Mac OS Sierra for Dummies – $29.99 / £17.04 Amazon

This week’s talking points:

Samsung Quality Assurance Testing ‘Give the People’ Advert – YouTube
hot on the heels of…

Samsung leader arrested for bribery and embezzlement as corruption scandal deepens – The Independent

Households deserve minimum 30Mbps broadband, votes House of Lords
The Digital Economy Bill should be amended to include this right, the House has proposed – IT Pro

Do you want to customize your Apple AirPods, at a price? – [Hypebeast ColorWare

5th Birthday of the CultCast – The trainwreck live stream episode

This week’s “App-session” (obsession.. geddit?)
Audacity – A dang good free audio editor/Digital Audio Workstation
Reaper – Another great Digital Audio Workstation
TwIM is a clean, modern messaging experience, powered by Twitter DMs. Checkout Project Dent

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