Silk Innovation iPhone 7 Cases Roundup – Part 2

Silk Innovation iPhone 7 Cases Roundup—Part 2
Silk Innovation
Prices: $9.99-$24.99


This roundup of Silk Innovation iPhone 7 cases is a continuation of yesterday’s article. Here’s a quick review of the common elements of all the cases:

-All the cases come with a screen protector and application directions. Normally, a screen protector is a separate purchase. Since I don’t use screen protectors I won’t be reviewing the application process.
-The cases come very well packaged, with no extraneous materials. A helpful insert describes the functions of the particular case, plus has information on the lifetime warranty and customer support.
-All the cases are available for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in various colors.

PureView Glitter Case


If you recall from the previous Silk Innovation iPhone 7 case review, I had a hard time putting some of the cases on the phone. Add the PureView Glitter Case to the list. Thankfully, it was much easier to remove.

At first glance, this seems like a case that wouldn’t interest me. It has a smooth polycarbonate backplate, which makes me think it would be a slippery case. As it turns out, there’s subtle texture on the sides that keep the phone in my hand. The black case I tested looked sharp with the white bezel of my iPhone 7. It’s quite a sturdy case, and offers great protection, with all ports and buttons easily accessible. It’s also very lightweight.

Lifters at each corner keep the case off a surface, ideally to prevent scratches. However, if you look closely at the middle of the photo above, you can see scratches. Yes, better the case than the phone, and yes, you only see the scratches in the right light. But if scratches of any kind bother you, you many want to avoid the PureView Glitter Case.

Folio Wallet Case


The Folio Wallet Case is one of my favorite Silk Innovation cases. The phone pops in and out of the case frame very easily. Three separate slots hold credit cards or ID, while a long pocket behind the slots holds cash or receipts. An elastic band keeps the wallet closed and secure. Use the detachable band to wear the wallet around your wrist, if you prefer. An integrated kickstand makes it easy prop up the phone to watch videos.

The case itself is soft, yet sturdy. The speakers and lightning port are exposed so you can listen to audio and/or charge the phone while the case is closed. The camera lenses cutout is built up to keep the lenses safe from scratches.

I used this case for a day trip, and I loved not carrying a large wallet and heavy pocketbook. Everything I needed for the day was in the Folio Wallet Case. It’s a great way to carry your iPhone and cards in a compact space. The items in the case are nice and tight; nothing is going to fall out.

Vault Slim Wallet


Another Silk Innovation slim case that’s comfortable to hold, the Vault Slim Wallet fits up to three cards and a bit of cash in a slot on the back of the case. The case is soft, yet firm one piece construction with textured side grips. The Vault Slim Wallet completely covers the phone, leaving openings only for the camera lenses, mute button, speakers, and lightning port.

Insert cards into the large slot on the right side back of the case. To remove, there’s a small cutout on the left to push the cards out. As for cash, if you fold the bill in half width-wise, it slides in and out easily, but a little bit of the money sticks out of the case. Not an ideal situation. If you fold the bill in half again, it fits nicely in the case; however, getting it out is more challenging if you don’t have long fingernails. My husband was unable to remove the bill. I found if you fold up to two bills in quarters then place them between two cards, it’s much easier to insert and remove cash.

Since the Vault Slim Wallet has some flexibility, putting the case on and taking it off is a simple task.

Base Grip Case


For my preference, I saved the best for last. I like a simple, no fuss case, easy on, easy off, that protects my phone and looks good doing it. The Base Grip Case fits the bill beautifully.

The Base Grip Case has subtle texture that you really can’t see but you can feel. It’s easy to hold, very lightweight and flexible, and slides easily in and out of a pocket. Only the camera lenses, mute button, speakers, and lightning port are exposed.

If you want a simple, yet highly protective iPhone 7 case, check out the Base Grip Case.

Wrap up

Phone cases are a very personal decision. For many people it’s a reflection of who they are and their personal style. Silk Innovation has a case that will fit in with almost everyone’s lifestyle and need. With prices ranging from $9.99-$24.99, there’s a case for every budget and style preference. Except for the Snap Shell Case, I highly recommend Silk Innovation iPhone 7 cases. Check them out here, or on Amazon, the exclusive reseller for Silk Innovation. I look forward to what this company will introduce in the future.

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