Silk Innovation iPhone 7 Cases Roundup – Part 1

Silk Innovation iPhone 7 Cases Roundup—Part 1
Silk Innovation
Prices: $9.99-$24.99

Apple recently released the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and you know what that means: new cases. I’ll be reviewing iPhone 7 cases made by Silk Innovation over two articles.

Before I go into specific details about each case, there are a few common elements I want to mention:

-All the cases come with a screen protector and application directions. Normally, a screen protector is a separate purchase. Since I don’t use screen protectors I won’t be reviewing the application process.
-The cases come very well packaged, with no extraneous materials. A helpful insert describes the functions of the particular case, plus has information on the lifetime warranty and customer support.
-All the cases are available for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in various colors.

Sofi Fashion Case


The Sofi Fashion Case has a textured, yet soft, non-slip fabric case that is easy to hold. Inside the case is a microfiber liner to protect the back of the phone. I struggled a bit putting this case on the first time; the second time was easier. At least I knew the case was securely on my iPhone.

The camera lenses are protected by a raised cutout, so placing your phone on a table won’t scratch the lenses. The buttons, lightning port, and speakers are easily accessible.

This is the type of case I prefer to put on my iPhone. I like having the buttons uncovered; I find it’s easier to use. And with a $9.99 price, it’s very affordable.

Sofi Fashion Wallet


Like the Sofi Fashion Case, I had a lot of difficulty inserting the phone into the Sofi Fashion Wallet. I normally put a phone in from left to right. With this case I discovered it’s easier if you go from top to bottom. There’s a slot on the left that holds one to two cards, according to Silk. There was no way two cards would fit. One was tight, but secure.

The inside front cover is a smooth fabric to protect the face of the phone, while the back of the phone rests on a microfiber liner. The case itself is very grippy, similar to the Sofi Fashion Case. A raised cutout around the camera lenses protects them when the phone is put down. The Sofi Fashion Wallet protects the case all around, with cutouts for the buttons, speakers, and lightning port, just like the Sofi Fashion Case. The slim design allows users to carry the phone in their pockets; no extra bulk here.

Snap Shell Case


The Snap Shell Case is easy to put on and take off the iPhone 7. The back of the phone is protected by a microfiber liner. Four tiny lifters on the back of the case elevate the case slightly to prevent the camera lens from scratches, though I don’t feel comfortable with that claim.

I can’t recommend the Snap Shell Case for one simple reason: it’s incredibly slippery. There’s no grippy material anywhere on the case to make it feel secure in the hand. It felt like an accident waiting to happen, that I would drop my phone at any moment. I was so anxious and nervous with this case that I removed it within hours of trying it out.

Silk Armor Tough Case


If you’re looking for the ultimate in iPhone 7 protection, the Silk Armor Tough Case is what you want. The case completely surrounds the phone; the only openings are the camera lenses, lightning port, speakers, and mute button. The nubs on the volume controls and on/off button line up perfectly.

The rubber grips felt very comfortable in my hand; that phone wasn’t going anywhere. The case is made of a rigid polycarbonate core with shock absorbent edges. For a case so sturdy and protective it’s surprisingly light and not bulky.

An extra bonus with the Silk Armor Touch Case is the inclusion of not just one, but two tempered glass screen protectors. At $24.99 you’ll be hard pressed to find a better case for the price.

That’s it for now. Come back tomorrow to learn about four more Silk Innovation iPhone 7 cases.

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